Thursday, February 6, 2014

enough is enough.

there comes a time when enough is enough. and damnit winter, i have had it with you.

two more snow storms are in the 5 day forecast.

i wouldn't mind as much if i got the snow days that all these other people talk about. or got to work in my jams sipping coffee on the couch while revenge plays in the background while i 'work.' that i wouldn't mind so much.


anyway. tomorrow starts day one of yoga teacher training. and i am so excited. i have been overwhelmed thinking about how little of a social life i will have, but then this week i got re-excited all over again.

i've been going daily so i don't look like a baphoon (sp?) when it starts. but last night i felt like it was hot yoga up in there. i was slipping and sliding all over the place. i've never had sweat drip off my face. until last night. gross. that and we did about 100 chaturangas.

also. i need you to tell me.

have you traveled to a foreign country before solo? i need reassurance to tell my mom it will be ok.


  1. Move to Southern California! Snow storms are non-existant here!

  2. welcome to my world.

    where are you traveling! i hit up argentina and made it back alive :)

  3. Yesssss! I can't complain about winter much but I'm just so over the cold. I got my snow days and now I'm giving winter the finger. Yay for yoga training! It's going to be awesome!!

    And I think you'll be totally fine traveling know as long as you're not going to Syria or something. We're in 2014, I think you'll be just fine!

  4. Last spring I did 7 days of Paris/London by myself. I felt totally safe, took obvious precautions (ie: didn't walk around sketchy neighborhoods in the middle of the night). Solo dinners in Paris were the only lonely part until I met up with friends in London. Where are you going? As a side note, I have been to both cities before.