Back in January I started my training schedule for the half-marathon I am doing with my sister. I wasn’t a runner. I actually hated running more than I hated getting sun burnt on the first day of a beach vacation. But, it was a 2013 goal to better myself. So I committed to it. In April, Crystal City has a 5k race series on Fridays. Seeing as I completed my 5k training, it was time to sign up. Insert huge sigh here.

I registered for the whole month series. Which, was a great idea before I started travelling to NYC, Naples, and Tallahassee all within in two weeks. So I missed two, but the other two were worth it.

April 5th: First 5k since starting running. My time: 32:31. I was so impressed with myself I couldn’t believe it. I set a goal to run under 11 min miles. And I accomplished that.

April 26th: Second 5k. My time: 31:40. Almost a whole minute faster. That is called progress people. I think it had something to do with training. Who knew?

So I decided to do #5kFridays all summer. Probably not EVERY Friday, but at least once a month. Just so I can track my progress. Because I don’t want to be running 11 minute miles for 13.1 miles. I want to be running 9 minute miles. That is a 26 minute difference. You can bet your bottom dollar I don’t want to run an extra 26 minutes.

That’d be foolish to run that much longer.

Up next: #5kFridays NYC style. Who wants in? They have SO many fun runs and races. I can’t wait.

Also a 10k. That one I am a little scared about.

My other favorite part about running is the awesome pictures I get to take:

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  1. what a great accomplishment sis!!! not to mention an amazing picture of the boats!! maybe we can do that this weekend??? I cant wait to see you in TWO DAYS!

  2. What an awesome idea! And great progress.

    I just finished my second half this last weekend and still run 12 minute miles. Did not seem like a lot until you put in there the 26 minute difference and hell I don't want to run an extra 26 minutes!

    Time to up the training!

  3. Incredible and so inspiring! Good luck with your running AND your move!

  4. You got this girl. Think of a 10K as just two 5Ks. One warm up, one race. It'll be easy. I promise 🙂

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  7. GIRL, kudos to you for becoming a runner and kicking BUTT at it.
    I think about running and I instantly get bored and tired. Is that how you felt about it at first?

  8. Get it girl! Keep up the hard work!!

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