8th grade self.

so a lot of yous guys are doing this and i wanted to jump on the bandwagon. because that is what i do. follow other people around. and copy them.

sike. but still.

dear 8th grade whitney:

you know those friends you tell everything to and spend all your time with? yeah, they won’t be there when you are older. they won’t remember you. and you won’t remember them. but it will be better that way. you will find other people that truly make you happy. ones that won’t care what you wear. what you look like. or what you say.

also, now that we are talking about what you say….don’t hold back. you are way too quiet and you should speak up more. don’t wait until college to find yourself. be proud. you are funny and other people should be able to hear all the awesome things you think in your crazy little brain.

and your sister really does love you. she is just mean sometimes because she is cooler than you. but really deep down she is your best friend. and just keep loving her [and copying her] and she will come around. she has a good heart. and she just needs a little time for her to see yours 🙂

don’t even get me started on those boys you like. stick to the celebrity crushes for a long time. don’t waste your time with the high school boys. seriously. they are lame. so don’t waste your time thinking about them. just spend you time with your friends and grow those relationships. a few will last forever.

spolier alert: you will not get that jeep wrangler for your 16th birthday. or your 18th. or even your first car you purchase. so give it up. dad is annoyed with you asking.

old ass whitney

i think that sums up my awkward 8th grade/highschool self.

but i wouldn’t change anything. for reals. maybe just the amount of knowledge i have now…i would have started drinking earlier. it is pretty fun…

kidding. kind of.

what would you say to your middle school self? stop collecting those beanie babies? eh, i should have added that in my letter too. #loser

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  1. I would have used a keener eye on some of my "fashion statements". And not been so hot on the heels to be the know-it-all-gunner in sex ed. Could have gone two ways: lots of dates or zero dates. It went zero dates because you knew the answers to ALL the questions, especially about STDs. Not because you had first hand experience, but because they scared you so muchyou were consumed in trying to prevent them that you didn't so much as on-top-of-clothes-hump until you were 17.

  2. i would have told myself the same thing, about drinking. i waited till i was 21. what was i thinking??? i also would have told myself that matching my eyeshadow to my outfit was a TERRIBLE idea. this is a fun post…maybe i'll copy you!!!


  3. I would have told myself to stop plucking my eyebrows, to stop, for the love of GOD, wearing Limited Too, and to please don't have any boyfriends in high school, they'll make you grow up way to fast and give you lots of trust issues.

    I loved your letterrrr and that part to your sister is so sweet, she's probably crying. XOX Jenna

  4. Same here on the drinking.. It's just so much more fun ha!

    And I was the very very shy one as well. No need.

  5. This letter is awesome. It made me laugh out loud. (Like just about every post your write does.) Here's to drinking earlier! xo, e

  6. hahahah i love this – totally copy catting you this week.

  7. so i'm going to steal this. because like you, i do the same. #posers

    i would have told myself to stop caring so much about what others think. and to stop thinking pre-wrap was cool to wear as a headband. doesn't even make sense.

  8. I would say DON'T get into a girl fight in the science lab, because hair pulling is whack. OH, I would also say be proud to rock those Doc Martens in your small-hillbilly hometown. What do they know!

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