add to this list.

i’ve been trying to think of something to entertain you.

and entertain me at the same time.

but all i came up with was shopping. but i doubt you would like to do that with me. so i’ve got nothing for you.

melissa has some entertaining things going on over at cupcakesOMG! today. go there.

but also. i don’t want to disappoint so i am still going to try and grasp your attention.



a list of my pet peeves. in hopes you can join in and add to. we all need to be better humans so if we can refrain from doing what other people hate…then we are golden.

  • chewing with your mouth open. [food. gum. ANYTHING]
  • clicking your pen. [just stop. it is annoying.]
  • talking on the telephone RIGHT when the plane lands. [that is why text messaging was invented. use it.]
  • having your phone on the LOUDEST volume. [i know you keep it right next to you at all times…did you think you wouldn’t be able to hear it? do you work in a factory?]
  • pouring the last of the coffee and not making more. before 10 am…make more you asshole.
  • invading personal space. back the f up. give me some inches at least. 
this is just a short list. ask sister. she learns the list grows daily when she hangs out with me. i feel for her. really. i do. 
what peeves you?? please. let’s all be kind to eachother and stop doing annoying shit.

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  1. Haha I'm with you on these! I have a friend who eats so disgustingly. I always yell at her and make fun of her, but I think she thinks I'm joking. I literally cannot eat with her anymore. Food falls out of her mouth and ahhh

  2. HAHAHHAHAH OMG!! i did a post JUST like this last year:

    those are all the things i would add!!!!

  3. Can we just go ahead and include "Anything anyone else does with their cell phone" as an universal pet peeve?

    Hate those bastards…

  4. Can we just go ahead and include "Anything anyone else does with their cell phone" as an universal pet peeve?

    Hate those bastards…

  5. And computers that post comments twice….

  6. TOTALLY agree with the chewing with your mouth open. SO gross. I saw what it was before it went in, I don't need to see it now. Thanks. Great list, very enjoyable!

    -Frances @ GrownUpLand

  7. People who talk on their phones while they are checking out at a store. We expect people in the service industry to be nice to us so how bout showing them a little respect and hang up while they ring you up.

  8. i got a twitter, just for you, and I am officially following you 🙂

  9. Ah personal space! Some people need a tutorial on the matter!

    Another pet peeve of mine… people who don't hold the door when they see you coming! A little politeness goes a long way

  10. -stupid drivers…especially when people don't use a blinker. SERIOUSLY?!?! It's there for a reason!

    -when someone starts to tell you something, and then says nevermind. MOST ANNOYING THING EVER.

  11. people who snore. i know they can't help it, but that's not my problem. they shouldn't be allowed to sleep in public place, i.e airplanes. can'

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