awkward. carpool.

i need someone else to confirm i am not awkward.

well. for the most part.

i have been carpooling with this guy from work for a couple months now. we alternate days. he lives like .5 miles away and since there is only one parking spot…and since i am higher up than him i offered that we could alternate my spot. nice right?

so anyway.

my question is this:

does the driver get to set the tone for the car?

because sometimes it is awkward. mostly in the morning. because i am a morning person and i am pretty sure he isn’t.

so we just sit in silence.

but i like talking.


really i just wanted a reason to post kristen on here. 

but does anyone else carpool? or am i the only environment saver??

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  1. I've never been able to carpool for work, but I've been in some prettttyyy awkward cars. I guess that kind of counts? But the idea of having to drive with some of my coworkers is absolutely horrifying.

  2. I'm so awkwardly talkative. I'm always trying to fill up the silence. I say driver sets the tone. And the music. And the temperature.

  3. a) you're not awkward. see: my post-blate tweet
    b) GO GREEN!

  4. i mean, i wouldn't worry about it–it's the morning and a lot of people aren't "up for" chatting that early. plus, if he's beneath you (you know what i mean), he might not feel comfortable shooting the shit with you. unless it's different on the drive back? in that case, just tune the radio to 99.5 and enjoy the kane show!!!


  5. lol omg i carpooled for 2+ years to work with various rotations of people, but always the same driver. one of the girls i work with doesnt mind picking up my roomie and i and paying the toll so we've been riding with her instead of taking public transportation. i do think the driver sets the tone and in her case she DOESNT SPEAK AT ALL. she also turns the radio volume down to OFF as soon as we get in the car. at first i thought it was really weird, but then i just started taking an extra nap on the way! hahaha.

    on a side note – in HS i used to drive to school with my older sister, on the first day of high school i started chattering away and she said, "we dont do THAT in the morning" and that curtailed my morning chattiness. she also used to yell at me if i sneezed to much (florida allergies. ugh).

    so yeah. definitely been a victim of awkward carpools in the past! haha

  6. I'm all for carpooling, going green, helping the environment, etc. but I know how it feels to be in an awkward carpool sitch. You're not alone! When an awk moment presents itself, I'd just turn on the radio and hope for the best… 🙂

  7. I used to have an awkward work carpool. It was a 30 minute ride in silent awkwardness. I told myself it was worth it because I could barely afford my rent, nevermind the gas money to get to and from work every day of the week. After a couple of months, I realized it was making me pretty miserable and I ended up driving myself. Now I get to enjoy my morning car ride, listen to my favorite morning talk show and drink my Starbucks. By the time I get to work I've had enough coffee and enough humor from the radio show and I'm ready to face my scary coworkers.

  8. Our morning carpools would totally be awkward because i am NOT a morning person. but i feel like it would be 10x worse with someone you work with, because everything is always more awkward with colleagues outside of the office building.

    just keep talking, and turn up the radio and do what you do. you're higher up, you can do what you want.

  9. I'm not a morning person, but I think I'd want to chat too. I hate quiet car rides.

  10. basically i just hate the environment so i don't carpool…. no actually i've never lived that close to a coworker- but i used to carpool in high school and one of my neighbors refused to talk. then one day in winter we rear-ended someone and he suddenly decided THAT was the time to chat. really? let's focus on not dying instead of chatting, okay?cool.

    hope your carpooler gets better soon.

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