baby it’s cold outside.

it is so fucking cold outside. and nothing wakes you up more than standing outside for a meeting in 37 degree weather with a 10 degree wind chill at 7AM. go fuck yourself

let’s get serious. not in my job description to freeze to death.

done bitching.[hope i didn’t offend anyone with the f bombs. sorryyyyyy. needed for effect. promise.]

i made this baller chicken salad last night.

credit to sister though. last week she made some and i couldn’t get enough. however, i hate mayo so i wanted to tweak it justtttt a bit. and it was super easy. you don’t even have to measure anything!

[this isn’t a food blog so don’t hold it against me if you hate it]

boil 2 chicken breasts [i think it took like 25 minutes maybe. long enough to read glamor magazine] then shred it with forks since it is still HOT.
chopped celery [i think i used like 3 sticks–up to you though]
palm full of dill – chopped
handful of slivered almonds
salt and pepper
one individual size of greek yogurt. [i had actually already used a spoonful last week for tuna salad so it was a little less than the whole cup]

mix. and done.

i had planned on adding red grapes, but the ones i bought at the store weren’t good anymore. so i just tossed those out. wasteful. i know.

put it on some toasted bread and dayyyuummm you have some good chicken salad.

picture from last week:

looks delicious huh? that is sister’s dog too. 
a couple of you asked about what i decided to wear to the gala. i had forgotten i had another dress that was a bit more appropriate i thought so i didn’t do either. ha. tricks on you. but i DO appreciate the help. but do you like the red lips?? that was the accent color. ha. [and i didn’t want you to forget what i look like]
see my new quilt. thank you anthro. nice and warm. and SO comfy.
now i just need a new year’s eve dress. suggestions? i think gold sequins that doesn’t cost one million dollars would be great. 

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  1. look at you – you're beautiful!!

  2. it was 15 degrees here this morning and i passed some guy scraping his windshield in shorts. shorts!

  3. love the red lip! but we need to see the whole outfit, missy.

    p.s. got my CD in the mail yesterday! 🙂 and i put it in my purse so i could listen to it on the way to work but my dumbass totally forgot.

  4. Holy f bombs. But, you're right. I think they were needed for effect. Not cool though about the meeting outside.

    Mmmm so glad I can try this yummy chicken salad now one day. Looks super easy. Glad you don't have food poisoning! And, um, you're gorgeous. Love the red lips and the quilt. Now let's start brainstorming NYE dress ideas, shall we?

  5. Love the red lipstick! It's definitely chilly here too.

  6. Whit, why are you so purty?!? I need to come visit DC sooooon!

  7. yummmmmmmmm chicken salad. totally trying this different recipe – i like mine with mayo but this one feels healthier. i'll definitely add grapes in mine – love it with grapes! also, love your look for the gala – those red lips look awesome!

  8. fabulous red lips! and you can throw out as many f bombs as you want. no one should have to stand outside in this ridiculous weather. where did the 60 degree days go? i want those back.

  9. how's this for a f bomb? since it's getting cold my back has decided that it isn't the back of a 27 year old but rather a 77 year old. What the fuck? ugh!

  10. Look how frickin hot you are! dayyyyum.

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