bachelorette party.

getting dressed in the dark is awesome.

you should see me.

my hair. woof.

i put my boots on in the hallway. with light. i haven’t mastered tying my shoes in the dark yet. baby steps.

and since it was dark i didn’t notice i wasn’t wearing my glasses. or contacts. and couldn’t see.


without keys to get back in.

that would have made things REAL interesting for today.

why was i in the dark??

well because i had three spend-the-nighters. three that i managed to get good and drunk. and pass out.

three friends that knew me before you knew me.

another little one comes tonight.

but we are missing some of our clan. there were/are ELEVEN of us that were super close in college. and six are together this weekend. that is huge. no wedding. no bach party. just for fun.

but i will pretend it is my bachelorette party. because why not??

i’m getting these.

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  1. those are probably the most functional pieces of jewelry i've ever seen. you must have them.

    p.s. you were in my dream last night which is a clear indication i haven't seen you in far too long. i'm in houston for the next week but when i get back, we're addressing this!!


  2. How fun!
    Have a great weekend.


  3. Have so so much fun!!! Those weekends are the best 🙂

  4. haha. this so makes me want to get together with my girls. sounds like it was a success.

  5. I need those rings. They are awesome. (And oh so convenient.)

    And ELEVEN?! That's a lot of love right there. At least you got more than half of the girls together! Have a great weekend!

  6. at least you don't drink, pass out, and pee, like i do.
    that's even more fun getting dressed in the dark when you've pissed yourself and don't know where you are.

    xo! the egg out west.

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