Bacon Braised Collard Greens + Butter Shrimp

Last week was a bitch. That’s probably why no blogging happened. So sorry about that. But this time I got everything scheduled out and I’m ready. I’m ready for this week. I went in to get my haircut last week and she told me I’m allowed to just pluck out the grey hairs. I don’t need to worry about them coming back in more wiry — I’ll just pluck them again. It’s cool — I got permission. #pluckthemtilltheyregone

This weekend we needed to relax. We planned a weekend vacation to St. Michaels, Maryland. Vacation being on day out of town. It’s a short 2 hour drive and a complete change of scenery. We rented paddle boards, sat in the sun, drank a couple beers, and decompressed. We started all over again today with a trip to see my grandparents, meal prep, and naps. Weekend well done.

So instead of making a to-do out of dinner, I used up the leftover collard greens we had in the fridge and cooked some shrimp to top them off. I needed to redeem myself from the collard green bison burger wraps I attempted this week. Complete fail. But these greens. Woowee. I think they say “a taste of south in your mouth.”


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