be jealous.

so instead of your parents being jealous of your young, lavish lifestyle….i am jealous of my mom and her boyfriends lifestyle. they have been traveling across the country {and back} for the last year. they are currently in new york city and this is what they get to do.

yep. josh duhamel. SEXY.

weird naked guy from hangover. {yes, i know, he is a legitimate actor}

my moms bf with a victoria’s secret model. wtf.

my favorite. WTF. why couldn’t have this been me?!

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  1. so fun and random?! where were they in NYC that all these famous people are just standing around… I never see ANYONE when I go to NY?!

  2. Mr. Chow! I'm jealous for you. My mom works for Delta and gets to fly somehere fun at least twice a month, this month is Prague and Copenhagen… I feel your pain!

  3. Omg I've always wanted to meet someone famous! I'm jealous of your mom too! Maybe she'll bring you along next time hmmm? 🙂

  4. OMG your parents are awesome!

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