because i should….

because i wrote on here two days in a row people are EXPECTING a more frequent update out of me. if you look at my track record, it is most likely this will not happen. this is how my job goes: monday: i get to work usually in a good mood (not this monday but usually) so i sit down, read emails, procrastinate, so on. therefore, monday is the day that i would be most likely to blog. tuesday: someone usually pisses me off on monday before i leave so tuesday i bring that bad attitude to work with me (i don’t take it home–i just pick it back up when i walk in the door). tuesday is a semi-likely day blogging will occur. notice the trend–as the week progresses i get a. either more frustrated with my work and i can rant about it on here b. caught in a ‘shit storm’ daily (the case this week) c. writer’s block and not have anything worthwhile to write about.

i am doing this lack of blogging for your benefit. i know how excited you get when you see you have an update to read. and notice how disappointed you are right now….did you want that everyday?? i am going with no.

side note: i burnt my thumb on the hair straigtener today. in all my years of using one…today?? lets hope it isn’t a trend for injuries for me today…

peace. love. bandaids.

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