best random night ever. part 2.

go here to read part 1.

next up: escorting bar patron out of the bar.

us girls are sitting at the bar chatting about hair, nails, boys, etc. doi. and we see Phyllis’ younger bro talking to this stranger. assuming he is making friends.

then we see her husband [the detective] talking to him. and his FBI friend.

either they are making friends easily or this guy just fucked up.

yeah. it was the latter.

homeboy was trying to pick-pocket our coats. MY COAT. her brother watched him reach his hand in MY leather jacket.

so tell your mother. tell ya sister. tell ya grandmother. keep your purses safe ladies. sketch people out there.

so he gets escorted out. and we go back to drinking. talking about giving phyllis’ brother a badge for his great detective skills. obvi.

and to celebrate our night of misfortunes and good friends. shot.

these guys next to us had just ordered shot that came with two shot glasses. one filled with jameson. [normal] the other: some juice from a plastic cup with things floating in it. [not normal]

what is your guess??

pickle juice?? yeah, that wasn’t mine either. but that is what it was.

they raved about it. so we obviously had to try it.

i was expecting something magical. something that would just blow my mind. because why else would you put those two together??

well you know what?

it tasted like jameson. then chased with pickle juice. gross.

don’t do it.

the night ended with us writing each others eulogy’s as if we were talking at each other’s funeral. which sounds extremely morbid but it was actually really cool. it was interesting to hear what others would want to say at your funeral.

have you done that before with your friends? you should.

and that was just friday kiddos.

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  1. Hey Whit,
    The eulogy part kinda creeped me out. But I have to admit that I will probably try it. Glad Phyllis' brother was there to save the day. How does it feel to have your own personal security?

  2. This is awesome. I am still cracking up at the pick pocketer, my brother saying "you need proacvtive because you are ugly," and the fact that we now know D will be too emotional to speak at my funeral.

  3. haha sounds like a crazy night! one night just for "fun" my friends and i did pickle juice/vodka shots…i think that is a better combo because you only taste the pickle juice!

  4. okay, i love pickles, but that does not sound good. just, no.

    as for the eulogy part, my friends have surprisingly done that before. but we did it more to mock them and in a silly way, kind of like a roast. it was still fun!

  5. omg, this is amazing!!! i'm going with you nex ttime. i mean, i know i'm really lame, but i mean it!! also, can you do like a regular where just tell storiesl ike this?? it could "Whitney Tales" or "Stories with Whit". Something like that.


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