i’ve been a ray of sunshine lately.

and by that i mean, NOT even CLOSE.

so i put my lucky shoes on this morning and i am hoping for something better.

it is going to be REAL hard though. because:

my ribs are slightly burning because i got a touch up on my tattoo last night.

we are tearing down our trailer starting today. and while i work in construction, i do NOT like the sound of construction. why don’t you just jackhammer right next to my ears.

i just realized everything that i sent out yesterday was wrong. so i get to do it again today.

it’s not friday.

BUT. i am just going to woo-saw it out. [bad boys…anyone?]

until we meet again.

[i’ll think of something hilarious for tomorrow. even if it involves me doing something stupid just for the story]

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  1. my god that picture gave me heart palpatations…how, oh, how many hours?

    most of us are boring every day. you should have just showed us a picture of your bloody tattoos.

  2. Ah! Don't take Twiggy's advice – she shows pictures of toenails getting ripped off! jk jk

    Your boring is less boring than my boring.

  3. Ugh, I hope your week gets better! In other news, I booked my flight to DC so that should cheer you up!!! Does it?

  4. i certainly appreciate you making a fool of yourself, all for the sake of entertaining us. i'm looking forward to that story tomorrow. or not. no pressure.

  5. wow, someone had a lot of time on their hands to make that sign.

    xo the egg out west.

  6. what do you lucky shoes look like? i need a pair! 😉

    — vanessa

  7. tattoo pic lets see itttttt oww oww

  8. I totally effing agree with Twiggy. Mostly because she's my best friend, but because its true.

    even when you're in a bitch of a mood I think you're classic.

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