birthday month!

August. This year is flying by. It feels like I just moved to NYC a couple weeks ago. Yet, it was almost THREE months ago. I still have a shitload of work to do in my apartment. What is so funny about that is that it is only 300 SF so you would think it […]

blog hop. friday’s fancies. #winning.

let’s all say this together: ‘thank goodness it is friday’ whew. i feel better now. i’ve got a lot to get accomplished today on here. so let’s get started. halloween friday fancies? yes, please. happy halloween! by whitcole featuring oversized shirts can someone buy me that sweater for a halloween present? please? link up with […]

quarter life crisis.

today is a big day. i’ll break it down for you. it’s my birthday. in addition, it is my last day at my project. remember how i told you that it was over? well monday, they told me i am to report to another project in a week. so this week i have been wrapping up […]


grrr…. blogger was down so i couldn’t post this last night when i wrote it…so on my drive into work this morning i was listening to the radio when they polled the listeners with this question: ‘ladies, which would you prefer: your man dressed in a nice suit or nekid?’ which my immediate reaction is […]