Another Move. Another City.

There are lessons to be learned in blogging. Never go 10 months without opening up your wordpress account — your blog is destined to be broken and not working. It took about 3 hours to get it back up and running — luckily no one stole my domain, the posts were still there, and I remembered my password. Step 1.

I feel like I am always explaining where I’ve been and never keep up with this thing. It is tough to devote the time to write, and promote the blog. Why write if no one reads it? I don’t do this for myself…well, I guess I do. You know what I mean.

I moved to Chicago 4 months ago and have been settling into a new job. It’s a 180 degree change from my old job. I get to sleep in until 7, get to work at 9, and leave at 5. That is about 5 hours less a day than my previous job. PLUS, I get to work inside of an office with a working bathroom…and HEAT. Basically, I’m living large here.

Other than another major life move, I’m pretty much just hanging out waiting for BF to move to Chicago to hang with me. He told me I can’t explore without him, so I just go home, needlepoint, and be sad. Kidding. I get out. Just not often. I like to stay warm.

I also bought a rowing machine. I’ve been using it ALMOST every day. Looking up workout routines takes it out of my creativity wise…I haven’t made any new recipes in MONTHS. I feel like I need a reset, and just start over. We’re moving into a new apartment in a couple weeks and I’ll be happy cooking there…right now – my apartment SUCKS. One day I’ll feel normal again. I think that’ll be in about 3 weeks! Ireland trip, then BF gets here! Win win.

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  1. Welcome to Chicago girl! Promise it’s more fun once things warm up 🙂

    1. Thanks Kat! Sorry for the delayed response…I didn’t see it until now. I hope you’re right about it warming up!

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