this whole30 experience has been awesome.

not just because i get to make people feel inferior to me because i look and feel awesome. but because i
have been brushing up on my cooking skills.

like, a lot.

confession: i don’t cook because i hate doing dishes.



but alas. they come with the territory.

and the apartment doesn’t come with a dishwasher.

there is a balance. how long can i go without washing dishes and ‘oh my gosh i can’t fit anymore dishes in the sink and i am out of forks.’

you would think i have learned by now that i should just wash the little dishes i make every night. you would think. but no.

i have tried a lot of things to make it better. i bought really fun bright rubber gloves. turned on the music. talked on the phone. nothing. works.

so i am asking…know anyone that wants to do my dishes? i’ll cook for them. i might even date them if they are that cool. but this is getting old.

if you don’t know anyone, do you know any secrets to making this task a lot more bearable?

ok. enough bitching.

look at this sweetness i made last night.

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recipes found here and here. do yourself a favor and make it. it was so delicious. i couldn’t believe i did it.

happy friday kiddos. i’m pretty pumped for the weekend.

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  1. Dishes suck and I hate doing them too. My roommate aka boyfriend, doesnt help so much with them. Punk.

  2. yes the lifestyle is so great for learning to cook.. my apartment doesn't come with a dishwasher either. I'm so anal about them though, it leads to many a disagreement.

  3. i started dating a guy who knows the dishes wont get done unless he does them.
    i cook. he cleans.
    that's love right there.

  4. Ugh even as a married one, I still despise them. The only occasional motivation is the husband nagging me about them (mainly after letting them pile up while he's out of town). They are the worst.

    Now as a vegetarian, I am not quite sure how whole 30 would work for me…

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