day 10. awkward and awesome.

rain, rain, go away. it has been raining since last night and not going to stop until tonight. grrr.

day 10. a picture of the person you do the most f’ed up stuff with.
hm. i’ve got a lot of those. if i had to pick one i would pick eugenia fitzgerald. {hahaha–the founder of alpha delta pi} here is her portrait. she enabled my friendships with some pretty f’ed up people…

{sorry this isn’t serious. i am not in a facebook stalking mood right now}


  • this rain induced hairstyle i have going on right now. is it straight? is it wavy? i’ll never know.
  • talking to people in the bathroom. no i don’t want to have a conversation with you when i am in a stall and you are in a stall. we aren’t friends. we are co-workers.
  • joking around with my boss saying ‘oh that’ll make it MORE miserable here’ … hmmm probably could have left out the MORE part. whoops.
  • standing in LINE to return a redbox movie…for 10 minutes. clearly you know i am waiting to use the ONLY redbox in this area. mind if you hurry?!
  • planning some ideas for my VACATION. 
  • seeing my pops this weekend! 
  • going to starbucks for a little pick-me-up at 9 AM. i love me some iced coffee and cinnamon scone. so what if i ate breakfast already. it was 4 hours ago. 
  • texting with my friend tut while watching glee. it makes me feel like we are back at the pi house…ok, maybe not. 
  • procrastinating at work. by blogging. or pretending to work. or just talking. anything i can get away with. 

tonight i shall go to bed early. well that is my plan anyway. but harry potter is getting good. and you know if i finish number one i will have to start number two. it’s the way of the world my friends. way of the world.
{thursdays suck. i hope you don’t stop reading because of thursdays’ posts. i hope you can forgive me}

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  1. LOVE it – you are oh so creative. Eugenia sure did cause us to do some effed up stuff back in our day! One in particular that comes to mind is punking Stacey during Recruitment. Aweeeesome. I miss those days!!!

    Loved texting with you last night about the lezzies on Glee. Not a fan.

  2. I love these. So cute. Thanks for sharing, love. Don't forget to check out my new post.

  3. I just have to say I love coming here and seeing the miles of Cheerios on your blog hahahaha Girlfriend do not tempt me because I will bother you for resume HELP!! 🙂
    I think it is smart to apply for any and every job out there….so far I think I am up to 12 jobs and no bites but I just started Monday.

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