embarrassing documentation.

so you remember when i told you i had a journal from MIDDLE SCHOOL?

yeah well i said if two or more people said they did the same thing too i would document said journal with pictures.

and since i have a sweet new canon rebel [birthday present…thanks MOM!!] i figured why the hell not??

just remember this was 11 year old [right? idk how old middle schoolers are] whitney. NOT 26 year old whitney. ‘love’ is barely in my vocabulary these days.

i guess i wonder what changed. but that is for my therapist to decide.

enter penelope.

yes. this is an actual AIM conversation between my friend and the boy i liked. gag.

who didn’t collect journeys stickers??
why wouldn’t we have cut outs of paul walker??
horoscopes. necessary for all middler schoolers. 
glitter is also necessary. and yes we nicknamed the boys we spoke of. to protect us. 
he loves you not. spoiler alert: they aren’t still together.
folder to collect everything that we didn’t manage to fit in here. 

is this above and beyond what you actually thought existed??

because i still can’t believe i did this.

but i am actually really glad. this was way more fun than receiving a text message. that is so lame.

remember those rectangular folded notes?

kids these days will never know the value of MAIL.

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  2. I agree! I'm so sad that kids today don't experience the joys of middle school note passing. Fancy note folding skills and rainbow gel pens and all…

  3. this. is. AWESOME. I loved printing AIM convos.

  4. I used to have something like this! But I'm pretty sure I got rid of it when I was in college, and that's devastating to me now. Sigh.

  5. this is pure magic.
    i think its for the best that all of my AIM convos got trashed..they probably contained very incriminating info..

    xo michelle

  6. Printing AIM convos? One of my favorite pastimes! I loved this post. Gotta say that finding folded notes in my classroom definitely takes me back… I have a hard time taking them away from the kiddos since I totally LOVED making them, too.

  7. Oh Penelope, you hold so much goodness!!

  8. oh.my.goodness. this is amazing!

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