epitome of customer service.

so if you have been here a while you know that i am obsessed with hot tamales. like i had to give them up because i was eating them too much obsessed. it was bad at one point. i would say that was my lowest.


i’m back to normal.

anyway, what i was getting at was this. my sister bought me a box of their valentines ‘love mix’ candies and they were supposed to be exactly the same as the regular. just a couple different colors. well. they were terrible. and i was so sad that i now had a box of hot tamales that didn’t satisfy my needs.

so i wrote them a little email. mainly so they could know that they didn’t taste the same.

not more than 1 hours later…

so for the last 2 weeks i have been waiting. and waiting. to see what they would send me. i knew it had to be more than coupons. or else they would have just emailed them to me.

so i was thinking:
1. a t-shirt
2. a stuffed animal
3. unlimited hot tamales

then i realized those are a little excessive. just a box of hot tamales to replace the old ones was good enough for me.

yesterday was the day. i got my package.

and those fires. are HOT. 
moral of the story: if you are ever dissatisfied with something you should write them an email and tell them why. and you might get something worth writing for. [haha. lame joke]
lastly….winner of the sneakpeeq giftcard and the amazing handmade bracelet by moi is…
i’ll email you for your address..

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  1. Oh my gosh, that's amazing! Love customer service like that! p.s. I don't know how you can eat the fire ones–the regular ones send me running for the milk jug!:)

  2. so awesome that you scored some good stuff in return. Holler!

  3. Wow that's great! I love hot tamales.

  4. hilarious. hot tamales aren't my thing. but now, i at least like the hot tamale comany.

  5. what if i told you that i've never tried a hot tamale? ….

    it's true.

    can we still be friends?

  6. amazeballs usa!!! i feel like it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to have a good customer service experience, which is ironic, given they're there to provide you one.

    anyhoo, this is awesome, you're awesome, i'm awesome, so that's awesome.


  7. I LOVE your blog…Great photos!Really enjoying your blog and am your newest follower. Please check mines out and follow me if you’d like =)

  8. I must say, I'm pretty exited about being the winner of the contest.

  9. im going to start writing letters to a LOT of american candy companies now..

  10. this post is hilarious. i love it. this is soooo something i would do hahahahaha

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