everyone else is doing it.

so i am not.

i will not recap how great this year has been.

or how many great things happened this year. or didn’t happen. or things i started and finished in 3 weeks.

or how many awesome people i have met.

no. you can just read all of the previous posts in your leisure time.

instead i am going to tell you how AWESOME 2012 is going to be.

my new year’s resolution is:

make 2012 amazing.

plain and simple eh?

you know how i am going to do it?

be awesome.

i like to set goals i know i am obtain. and since i am already awesome it will be easy. i just need to make sure to STAY awesome.

that means:

planning my trip to europe in 2012. and save.
planning my trip to greece in 2013. and save.
finish decorating my apartment. [no chelsea that does not mean finished that chair]
visit my friends. or have them come here.
stay happy.

speaking of happy. let’s talk about something.

how do you stay happy? i think it is all in the mindset. if you think happy, you’ll be happy. right? however, any pointers are welcomed. here are some of my favorite pinterest ‘happy pins.’

Source: google.com via Morgan on Pinterest

you likey??

well happy year year kiddos. see you on the flip side.

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  1. Well, I'm sure you'll be excited to read my blog post on my 2011 reflections tomorrow. Oh wait, we'll be in Boston.

    Anyway, great goals for the new year. I like what you said about staying happy. It really is in the mindset. That first pin is amazing! See ya tomorrowww! Ahhh!! 🙂

  2. Aw you're so funny. I actually have a BEST OF 2011 POST in the works. Now I feel dumb. But best was going to be MEETING WHITNEY. And now, it's not. You suck

    The Paleo Project

  3. All i gathered from this post is a) you just earned yourself a new travel partner, and b) happy happy joy joy(in my best ren & stimpy voice)

  4. "make 2012 amazing.

    plain and simple eh?

    you know how i am going to do it?

    be awesome."

    luh dis. thank you for being you.

  5. Great inspiration for a new year! Have a great NYE!

    XX Hilary

  6. Heck yes! Someone who isn't listing a bunch of wishful thoughts that will be abandoned by January 31st. I have the same thoughts- just to be happy, learn from my mistakes, and make 2012 a little better. Sounds like you got some amazing trips planed- keep be awesome 🙂

  7. Have fun in boston this weekend. I expect a full recap over drinks next week, ya?!

    And to be happy is to think happy. always.

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