four miler.

i have been trying to think of some hilarious april fool’s joke to play on co-workers today but i have yet to come up with anything.


i started my #whole30 today and i am pumped to get back in the swing of things. easter weekend put a wrench in my cooking sundays. and the weather outside prevented me from staying in on saturday.

so i’ll make up for it tonight.

on the menu:
nom nom paleo’s coconut pancakes [for breakfast]
bison burgers, sauteed mushrooms and onions, baked sweet potato rounds with roasted brussel sprouts

yeah, i know. you want to come over.

so true.

also, i want to document that i ran 4 miles this weekend. i’ve been doing interval training since january one and have only run for distance once. just to see if i could do it. so saturday it was the same idea.

i turned on pandora and runkeeper and set it to alert me for miles only. i didn’t look at time. or my heartrate. i just ran on the most gorgeous day we’ve had yet.

around 3.5mi [when i finally looked at the distance] i wanted to quit. but i decided that i had come this far, i couldn’t quit.

and it was the best feeling ever.

was it hard? yes. but did i know i could do it? yes.

breaking/creating a habit is addicting. [probably has something to do with my control issues?!] having added running to my weekly routine has been so rewarding. it really proves working hard pays off. i can’t wait for my dentist to tell me what a great patient i am after flossing daily since the last appt. that’ll be so badass.

i just signed up for a 5k series in april. every friday. i hope it is as fun as they say it is. hopefully i see improvement each week!

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  1. I just love this. I swear that's the best part about running. Being injured and not being able to run truly reminds me how much of a habit it is now. Keep working and running!

  2. If you're cooking, I'll come over.

    I've never been a runner, but I'll power walk my ass all over the place.

  3. Get it girl. You'll rock those 5Ks like a badass. And cook me dinner plz?

  4. I have two 5ks in June the color run and the Glow run! I started walking/jogging last month. My goal is to do a complete mile running with out stopping. However I'm not quit there yet but I have gotten up to 3 miles in 40 minutes which is bad for a person who hadn't run let alone walk for long periods of time in a year. lol

    Have a good week!!

  5. Tell me more about these sweet potato rounds…

    Hell yea, 4 miles! I can't even get my ass back to the gym.

  6. proud of you! and i can't wait to eat some pancakes with you this weekend 🙂

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