friday friday friday. everybody’s getting down on friday.

that song never gets out of my head on fridays.

it sucks that it sucks. but glee made it a little cooler…right? [trying to justify the download i did]

anyway, i did a gameday chic last week for the gators but since they are so awesome and the colors are so great, i wanted to show you how cute you can look whenever you cheer for them!

gator bait

i’m pretty pumped i get out of work early today. heading to the big city [new york]! only i have a 4.5 hour bus ride before i get there. 🙁

you want to hear a funny story? remember how i told you i started a new job? [same company but new project] well, apparently the time cards are a little different and if you don’t fill them out correctly, you don’t get paid. you know how i know that? because it happened to me. today. luckily i got a third of my paycheck. #imanidiot

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  1. I love the gator!!! Super cute! Enjoy NYC!

  2. wahoo gators! i wish my college had a cool mascot.. marquette golden eagles is kinda weak. have a great weekend in NYC! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. I can't believe you didn't get paid?! whaaaaat. I would throw a fit.

    anyways, get ready because this rarely happens: go gators.

    I'll be rooting for them on saturday as they take on nasty Tennessee.

    you're welcome. oh and have fun in NYC, jealous.

  4. Go gators! As a Florida girl, I side with them . . . enjoy NYC- such a great city.

  5. Go Gators!!!

    (annoying it wouldnt let me post with my account so I just put name/URL) grrrrr

  6. Love your Gator outfit! I need everything you posted! Have fun in NYC and Go Gators! xo

  7. Love this! What a perfect gameday look!

  8. Go Gators! I love seeing people that love the Gators as much as I do! I try to represent as much as I can in Aggieland. 🙂

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