halloween ideas.

i hate waiting till the last minute for ideas. let alone buying an outfit.

so randomly while perusing polyvore, i found this gem.

click here.

this is pretty genius.

i am kind of creative, but not when it comes to halloween outfits.

couple of my favorites:

Untitled #37

Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costume: Pan Am Stewardess

DIY Halloween Costume: Modern GLINDA the Good Witch

what are you going to be for halloween??

and, as promised….

[please ignore the clutter in my ‘craft room’]
in my defense, i had to go get a new staple gun and staples so that really put a damper on my time management skills. and also beer was calling my name. so, the chair lost out a little.
but i did get back on the sewing horse. just like riding a bike. maybe i will start making my own clothes. ha, yeah right. 
but don’t you just love that fabric? the outside is going to be navy and the inside will be the multi-colored fabric.

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  1. you're making progress on that chair, impressive!!

    love the costume ideas – can't wait to see what you decide.

  2. love the chair! can't wait to see the finished progress, sorry if a phone call put a damper on your time management skills as well!

  3. These are too cute I totally want to be Waldo haha. And I LOVE that chair!!

  4. Ahh I love these!! Rainbow Brite is my favorite. Too cute!

  5. hahahha these costumes are amazing!!! i love the where's waldo (here in norway they call it where's willy…WEIRD i think).

    and when i first saw the chair i immediately looked around for my dog…i thought maybe he escaped norway and headed to your place. he has a thing for eating furniture.

  6. I want to be a Pan Am Stewardess!
    Cant wait to see the finished chair, looks good!

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