handy dandy notebook.

hey. you guys.

you are going to either be impressed or disgusted.

i, personally, am impressed.

i wanted to see what my tally would be for this weekend. so i kept my handy dandy notebook [blue’s clues..anyone??] next to me and i will let it speak for itself.

and i hope you notice the bud heavy. because some people doubted me.

my favorite part about all this is that i was pretty much sober after all this.

i kept to my plan and ate food and drank water. it was glorious.

my favorite drink of the weekend: the shotgunned bud light. you know why? well first: every beer taste better when it’s shotgunned. research has been done. second: it was at 3:15. day drinking=awesome. lastly: it was opened with a thumb. no, not the top. the bottom. where normal people use keys to open the bottom [the part that aerates it] my friend USED JUST HIS THUMB. it is the ultimate party trick. if you don’t know what i am talking about. you have never shotgunned a beer. therefore, you have never lived. no pictures will be posted of this.

i spent the weekend enjoying my friends. and the taste of good beer and car bombs. which btw…don’t order an irish car bomb in an irish pub. it’s rude. think about it.

mo and erica brought their significant others. i got sunburnt. and then it turned to tan. and i remembered how awesome i look with a tan. i need to keep this up. [but safely. i know]

the NCAA screwed my weekend though. next year i am picking all upsets and i bet i’d win. i should learn that it never goes as planned.

anyone else’s bracket go into the shitter?

what did you accomplish this weekend??

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  1. Mizzou effed my bracket up last week big time. My dad is a huge Mizzou fan so his bracket is even more screwy than mine. I'm so down for picking all upsets. I feel like this year and last year have been all about the upsets. SO annoying, right? Anyway, I'm very impressed with your ability to drink so many beers and remain somewhat sober. Kudos to you my blogging friend. Looked like an excellent weekend!

    -Frances @ Keynotes

  2. I'm totally rocking a farmers tan now. And we owe you a car bomb sometime.

    So glad we came out – we had a great time!

  3. Can I marry you? I love getting day drunk. And I also attempted to lamely shotgun a beer this weekend. I have decided to write a post about it. However I think you're my new hero. Can you write a guest post for me sometime about how awesome beer drinking is? Actually can you just write a post about the proper way to shotgun a beer?? Because this lady failed miserably. I ended up with beer in the face and a red eye the day after.

  4. Whoa, you're an animal!

  5. okay, i hate myself for not being a part of this weekend. dammit!!! it wono't happen again.

    btw, i need to come clean with you: i have never shotgunned a beer. i'm more of a sipper, so i don't know if i could handle it. but i HAVE to see this thumb trick!


  6. I cannot wait to partake in a weekend like this with you.

  7. 1. I'm immpressed not disgusted.
    2. I think we may be about even for the weekend except swap out a few beers for that car bomb.
    3. Day drinking is most DEF the best.
    4. Bud Heavy and Car Bombs… Super Impressed.

  8. haha this is pretty funny


  9. Seriously!??! You're a champ. I think I had like 1/9 of this and was so hungover.

  10. god i love a good shotgun…let's do that in April shall we? Sorry I'm not sorry your bracket is in the shitter…mine's great! XOX

  11. Dang Gina. I'm impressed. No digustedness here.
    And say whaaaa to your friend using his thumb. Does he have super human thumb strength?

  12. stop drinking bud light.

    your friend.

  13. this is pretty much impressive.
    obsviously you are well trained… 🙂
    thumbs up!

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