hot hot hot.

Everyone had been wondering when the HOT weather would show up….I FOUND IT. The last couple days the heat index has been over 100 degrees. FYI: I left Florida so I wouldn’t have to endure this weather. And now, I don’t have a car to hide from the heat with AC blasting on high. Instead I just walk to work, dripping in sweat. sexy

This past weekend was chock full of Yankees. I enlisted a girlfriend to go to the game Friday night with me, just for fun. And fun was had. After a Philly cheese-steak and approximately [give or take 2] 5 beers, we left the field bellies full and new friends made.

And by friend, I mean: a Yankee insider. It all started with a bee chasing us, but it ended with us sitting on field level, a stones throw to my new boyfriend Brett Gardner. Said ‘insider’ offered us up some Old-Timer’s game tickets for Sunday. Which was sold out. So obviously we jumped at the chance. Something about him getting us on the field before hand to meet all the players [old and current]. WHATTTTTT?!

He told us, don’t bail on him or our contact will be severed. Of course we wouldn’t do that.

Unless. He turned into a creep.

And creep he was.

Good thing he didn’t get my phone number. Poor Susie. After two days of constant texting from him, we bailed on Sunday. These texts were PRETTY close to sexts. yucky. So she blamed it on me and said we wouldn’t make it. Even if the seats and access would have been CRAZY, it wasn’t worth hanging out with the creep for 6 hours.

So now, we move on to the Mets. And we will be a little more selective when it comes to people giving us free shit. We did get some good hates out of it though… 

I give you the progression of the hats and the beers:

And Brett Gardner. Thankyouverymuch.

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  1. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah that guy is ALL AMERICAN-good looking. Almost to the point where it hurts my eyes to look at him too long 😉 It has been SO hot and humid this week in MN… but the temperatures (don't hate) have only been like 85 tops?? NOT sure how I survived 25 years in KS with 100 degree weather and insane humidity…

  2. yes to baseball games in the summer.
    no to creeps who try to buy their way into your pants via baseball seats.

    xo The Egg

  3. hahahaha this is amazing. and awful. all at the same time.

  4. Thank you!! Whenever I complain about the heat in NYC people are like – but you're from Florida! Ughhh they have no idea! What a glorious thing central air is!

  5. Me likey. And that's saying a lot because I refuse to like anything associated with the yankees

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