i like this new me.

i had the BEST weekend.

might have been better than yours. might not.

but it was so great. not better than my lake weekend. but for a weekend in town..it was glorious.

my sister had a friend in town this weekend so i went to dinner with them. at my FAVORITE restaurant in the city. founding farmers. i’ve been for my birthhday, sister’s birthday, graduation celebrations, just to eat, you name it. i want to go there. it was a little difficult to go there and not order all my favorite things [like the most amazing cornbread you ever have put in your mouth, ever]. but i got a delicious burger [sans bun] and some okra. not the most amazing trip there but the atmosphere and company made up for it.

saturday morning i spent on skype. me and bestie worked on our secret project. one that we will be revealing in july. you’re gonna love it. i just know it.

also caught up with my best friend here. i guess we are both so awesome that our schedules never work out. but this weekend they did. and boy was it needed. you know you have a best friend when they stick around for 12 years. even through all my crazy moments. we cooked up a storm saturday. well i did. and he helped. i won’t throw him under the bus but…. i cooked enough food for a week and he ate it in a day. it is like he is still a growing child. at 26. wtf.

sunday i spent some time volunteering. it was glorious. it had been awhile since i signed up to volunteer for me and not for work.

and i had the most fun i have had in a LONG time. good, wholesome fun. i had the most epic watergun fight of my life. with two five year olds. they crushed me. so i am going back next weekend. and i can’t wait.

then i went to two grocery stores and grilled for hours.

this new me. i like her.

friday night. hair tutorial was requested. i might. MIGHT.

post watergun fight. 

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  1. this makes me happy =) glad to hear you had such a good weekend!

  2. that thing with the guy eating all your food for the week in one sitting…that used to be me and kyle. so now i just make enough food for two weeks and we have enough for leftovers for the next day. and then it starts all over again.

    but anyhoo, sounds like a fun and i'll say it, productive weekend!!


  3. Sounds so good! And you're so cute! And that guacamole looks so delicious!

  4. um, yummmm that guac looks to die for!! and your hair- i'm lovin it! happy monday!

  5. you're so cute. i like this weekend! the volunteer thing is adorable and your hair is gorg. you're a well rounded lady 🙂

  6. I want your hair.


  7. Yeah, you're hair does look pretty great.

    and I looooooove Founding Farmers. We must go!

  8. Yes, please…hair tutorial! 🙂 Glad you had so much fun this weekend! Fun is always a good thing!!!!

  9. Yayyy and yummmm. Cook for me while I blast you with water guns!

  10. I'm seriously obsessed and so jealous of your hair! How the hell did you make that perfection happen??

  11. Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email 🙂


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