i need new clothes.

you guys often email me and ask me what i wear to work. 
i lie. 
i pretend you ask me because i like to think that you think i am this stylish blogger. well. so this project all started when jenna told me i should start doing outfit of the day posts. well i thought to myself. yes. i should. then i realized…i am boring. so for the last week i took a picture of [almost] every outfit i wore out of the house. and here you have it. this is depressing. call me stylish. 
so in the middle of all this i went online and bought some new clothes. ones with color. i should not be allowed to buy anything greg, black, or white. or tan. 
i hope you enjoy this outfit montage. because it made me depressed. 
and some of these pictures are awkward. yes. i get that. i leave the house around 615 am. so i look tired. because i am. and the one where it looks like i am wearing a black hat…i’m not. i don’t wear hats. so that is weird. 
disclaimer: if you forgot what i do for a job…go here. it might explain my laziness to look awesome everyday. 
anyway. send me some links for colorful clothes. kthanksbye. 
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  1. i was going to say that your job doesn't necessarily lend itself to getting all gussied up. I pretty much dress like this to work. Clearly I need an intervention.

  2. I think you oughtta wear the NYE vest to work

  3. dude you look pretty good for 6am…just saying.

  4. I think you are hot. But would be hotter in colors.
    And I just read your post on what you do….holy adult job Batman. Be my sugar mama?

  5. oh my goodness! I love your Friday night out necklace!!!! GOrg! Xo Lori

  6. Love that necklace you wore on Friday! I'm a lazy work dresser too! 🙂 I only need to look cute if I meet with clients, nonetheless, I need new clothes too!

  7. I think we pick our outfits from the same closet! Shopping date?? lol

  8. Ok at least Friday night out was an amazing look. The other days…. I am guessing your work is really casual? I mean all I can say is it's a good thing your face, hair and make up are gorgeous.

  9. That necklace is pretty awesome!
    I wish I could dress down to work. Wearing jeans everyday would make me inexplicably happy.

    New follower and fellow DC blogger 🙂

  10. i mean, yeah, you need NO more black. but like, i get it–your work is casual, but you can make it more stylish with prints and colors, while still keeping it casual. sounds like we need to go shopping!!!!


  11. Isn't it nice to have the luxury of wearing comfortable clothes to work every freakin' day??? I love it personally.

    That last outfit is HOT! Love that necklace!

  12. great pics… nice blog…
    Greets from Ireland!!
    xxx Marina

  13. Jeans to work. aww. maybe the medical field was a bad idea. shoot.

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