i work out.

wiggle wiggle wiggle. i’m sexy and i know it.

holy shit. i am sore. i forgot what it feels like to be human and work out. wait…that isn’t human? ok. i will stop. no more working out for me.

kidding. i need to get my ass in gear. mainly so i can look amazing in my photos to europe this year. i hate going on vacation and thinking…i wish i looked better before i went so my pictures look better. but i also don’t take pictures.

catch 22 you know??

the upside is possible looking like this lady. i mean…are you serious? this isn’t real life.


thanks for all your encouragement on the class. i was having anxiety about hitting the ‘pay’ button; but i am learning, so that is worth every penny.

peace out homeslice.

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  1. i think every blog post title henceforth should be a lyric from an LMFAO song. they have what? like, 6 songs?? that should last you a few months, minimum!


  2. Oh isn't that the worst?? When you look back at photos and think, man if I could have just lost a bit more weight those photos would be PERFECT!!? At Zumba earlier this week our instructor has the PERFECT "sexy & I know it" shuffle down when we danced to that song. I was smiling the whole time 😉 Best of luck with your working out!!

  3. Working out is never fun. I always stick to a workout plan when i have a workout partner. that's why i'm excited for yoga!!

  4. Work it gurl! I need to be doing the same because I plan on a lot more travel this year and I am one who takes a tone of pictures ( why don't i work out more?)

  5. ugh, i wish i looked like that girl! i feel the same way when i see photos when i'm out having fun.

    good luck on the work out! you can do it!

  6. I'm your newest follower! Love your blog. Following on twitter as well, I'm @TieDyeTequila. 🙂

  7. girl, look at that boday.
    And no, I don't think it's real life. I would like her area where arm meets boob, What's that called? I'd like mine to look like hers.

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