i’m broke.

don’t be disappointed. but no pictures were allowed at the cirque. apparently it could hinder the performers concentration. and after seeing the crazytown stuff that they did, i did NOT want to disrupt that.

if you get a chance to go see a show you should. it is amazing how talented these people are.

and they have some rocking bodies. a couple of them wear an outfit that is nude and it looks like they are nekid and it is redic.

moral of the story: don’t go if you are super tired because it is 3 hours long, but it is a good time.

secondly, don’t buy white chocoloate peppermint creamer for your coffee. it doesn’t taste that awesome.

lastly, thank goodness it is friday tomorrow.

i haven’t had very many pictures on here recently, because i suck, so i wanted to show you some hilarious autocorrects. on tuesday i spent close to two hours reading them. crying i was laughing so hard. and yes, i did get in a wee bit of trouble for not working. whatever. i needed to laugh.

these are JUST a few. go to my pinterest board to see more. or just type in ‘autocorrect’ and prepare to be stupefied.

and up next: what i spent all my pesos on within the last 3 days:

i'm broke.

the jet setting will be a surprise for now.

now back to reality. i have to go put my hard hat and boots on and pretend i’m happy to be here.

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  1. hahaha those autocorrects are so funny!! Love themmmmm

  2. i love those autocorrects. i have an email of a bunch that i saved when i need a good laugh.

  3. I'm glad we didn't hinder the performers concentration. I was nervous enough for them!

    Oh my gosh the first auto correct. Ahhhhh! That's unfortunate.

    I like your little board o' spending. Glad you found some good stuff! Love the sweaters!! Have fun with your hard hat today 🙂

  4. Whyyy would manboobs ever be on auto correct?? It blows my mind.

    I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday! We're almost there!

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