irrational fears.

i’ve got so many of them it is disgusting. i was told the other day how insane i am for all the things that i fear. which, i think is quite rude. anyway, it got me to thinking. that i can’t be the ONLY one with a plethora of irrational fears.

so i googled “irrational fears” and i found out, i AM normal.

take a sec to read these: buzzfeed

those are all valid and normal.

i know when i come home i immediately check behind the shower curtain, under my bed, and in every closet. because i am the ONE they want to kill.

hey, i live alone. [said in Si’s voice]

for reference. in case you DON’T watch DD

i also fear EVERY time i am in the kitchen cooking i will slice my finger/hand/toe off and faint from seeing blood and bleed to death. with no one to find me. 

what about when you’re in the shower? what if i faint, hit my head, and drown?
i have a couple other ones that i have shared with my mom and she told me i am not allowed to talk about them anymore. apparently talking about how i am going to die “just isn’t OK.”
so please. make me feel more normal. share yours!

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  1. I'm unreasonably scared of the dark. You think "Oh, lots of people are" but really – the thought of walking my dog after dark (i should mention he's 100 lbs and I live in a fabulous, safe neighborhood) makes me shake. It's no good. And ridiculous. I'm aware…

  2. i mean, i have an irrational fear of a tractor trailers running me off the road.
    and when i lived with my parents, in the middle of east bum-fuck-no-where i hated being home alone. HATED. i was convinced someone was always looking in the windows.
    and now we live on a quiet little street and im completely unconcerned about someone looking in the windows, even though the chances of that actually happening are like 20fold now.

  3. UNCLE SI! Great reference.

    Your fears sound a lot like mine, so I hope that makes you feel better.

    Cruise ships are my biggest fear. I'm convinced I died on the Titanic.

    And whenever I see dryer lint that somehow escaped from the garbage, I think it's a dead mouse that one of my cats brought it.

  4. Uncle Si is awesome. I wish he was my uncle most days! 🙂

  5. I'm scared I'll be attacked by a shark…even when I'm swimming across the deep end of a chlorinated pool.

  6. i freaking hate balloons. I am convinced they are going to pop and little pieces of rubber are going to fly right into my eye.

  7. falling down the stairs, knocking my two front teeth out, breaking my neck.. and no one finding me.. love, sis!

  8. You are not the only one. I have plenty. I can't use the restroom with the shower curtain closed, because I am certain there is someone hiding in there waiting to murder me. Yeah. Crazy.
    Jillian – PS, if you have a moment, I'd love to invite you to check out the giveaway we're hosting for a $50.00 giftcard to Shabby Apple!

  9. I used to have to check behind the shower curtain in every bathroom I went in. And then I saw this thing on Pinterest that was all, "To all you who check behind the shower curtain for murderers, what are you plans if you actually find one?" And the thought of actually finding one now is scarier than the unknown. Like the rule with bees, if you don't bother them, they won't bother you? I dunno.
    also, I'm afraid of bees. because I don't think that rule applies to me. They always want to bother me.
    also, fish. I'm terrified of fish. And I'm an advanced scuba diver. by all accounts, it doesn't make sense.
    and, cops. because they hate me. no one knows why. I like to think of myself as an upstanding citizen….

    I could go on for days about my irrational fears. I'm just glad I'm somewhat normal as well when it comes to those.


  10. My irrational fears are completely ludicrous and offensive:

    Midgets, clowns, slugs, evil looking rabbits (in movies like Donnie Darko or many of the mall Easter bunnies), all horror films or commercials for horror films, that I will be locked out of my car if I shut the door, falling when the pavement is wet even if it's not slippery, etc etc etc

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