Jalapeno and Cilantro

…they go together like peas and carrots.

If you would have asked me three years ago if I would ever think of putting cilantro in my drink and I would probably punch you in the face. Cilantro was at the top of my DO NOT EAT list. Side by side with mayo. Friends, look how far I’ve come. Making mayo and sprinkling cilantro on everything!

After my free meal and libations, I headed downtown to meet up with a sorority sister that was visiting. I hadn’t been out in TriBeCa so I took her recommendation and met up at Ward III. It was a modern speakeasy with cocktails to show any era up.

I walked in and a shot was handed to me. #win

They make custom cocktails for you. So you tell the crafter what you like, and they surprise you.

I said tequila. He asked if I liked spice, said yes, and got super excited where this was headed.

I watched him muddle jalapenos and cilantro with a splash of lime. JALAPENOS?! Best day everrrrrrr.

After a couple shakes with some more ingredients thrown in, he zested some lime, sprinkled some cilantro and handed me the spiciest, tastiest drink I’ve ever had. My friends tasted it and said it was too spicy for them. I guess that means I am more of a badass.

I didn’t get to take a picture because it was so dark. Stupid speakeasy’s hiding from the law.

But I will recreate this eventually. Or you can, and just send me a picture.

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  1. Ummmm YUP. That sounds awesome.

  2. Girl, my favorite drink is at a Mexi resto in Dallas – and it is a jalapeno cilantro margarita! AMAZEBALLS

  3. that sounds preeetty delish. and any establishment that has 'dont be creepy' as one of their house rules is a-okay with me.i feel like i need to start making a list of all the crap i want to do when i visit..

  4. Giiiiirl my fave cocktail in Dallas is a jalapeno cilantro marg…it is amazeballs!

  5. look at you hanging out in tribeca being all cool and so new york.

    but back to this shot…you know how i feel about tequila. i'm still recovering from that coffee falvored one you got me at my bday last year. so this one will NEVER be happening. unless you get one for me at my wedding. you make me do crazy things. just saying.

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