I love me some GIFs. I have been searching the interwebs the last two days for some new favorites. It only seemed appropriate to use them as my send off at work today. 
I then found this blog post about quitting your job. These are some of my favorites. 
After you’ve quit, this is the amount of effort you put into your work:

When people tell you how awesome your new job is going to be:

When you Dodge a Huge, Annoying Project Because you Won’t Be Around to Finish It:

That’s pretty much how I have felt the last two weeks. Godspeed. 

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  1. hahaha i love the little rascals one.

    and now im going to go be jealous that its your last day. and i just got a really shitastic project handed to me.

    how soon is too soon to come visit?

  2. haha, that ice cream one made me giggle. i am so mature 🙂

  3. Woohoo! I'm already telling my friends to throw me a retirement party on my last day of teaching!! Do you know hard it is to have a final three months at a job?!? Lol!! Not giving any fucks ovah here!!

  4. ohhhh the jealousy I have! good luck!!

  5. Umm HI! I'm so in love with your blog!

    First off we have the same name, so that's amazing. Second you're also a B.A. runner. Third because you live in NYC and that is just SO COOL!


  6. Hell yeah it's your last day! So excited for you. Hope you're out celebrating already.

  7. AMAZING. I quit my old job last fall, and I felt the exact.same.way.

    So, I'll be in NYC at the end of the month. Just saying.

  8. AHAHAH may 10th was also my last day of work and I felt EXACTLY this way all two weeks after I gave my notice. Dying. Hope you're enjoying NYC

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