let’s get physical.

i am pretty sure this song is amazing and i wish it was still ok to listen to 80s music on full volume. obviously i listen to 80s on 8 in my car but my 7 minute commute is not NEARLY long enough to get my fix in the morning.

i mean. seriously. look at the amazing clothes they got to wear.

i think we should bring all of this back.

what is that you say? people are already doing that? well let’s make it a revolution.

i’ve polled the audience and they want more random shit.

so i will give you what you want.

i downloaded spotify. so if you have some songs you want me to hear i think you should send them to me. i don’t know how it works. but i have seen the ‘send track’ button so i think that is how it works?

but right now, this song sucks. so if you send me some shit song i will judge you. and then send you something worse to get you back. just a warning.

there are TWO songs i will listen to this holiday season.


n*sync – happy holidays.


mariah carey – all i want for christmas is you.

you can judge. i don’t care. but i dislike christmas songs anyway so that is as good as i can get.

i am the grinch. i know. you don’t have to tell me.

peace out home slices.

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  1. this video is so classic. and can we listen to some nsync tonight?! k.thanks.bye

  2. i've been listening to a lot of beiber and selena gomez so i don't KILL someone. haha. but yes, i want to wear spandex everything. all the time.

  3. I love Christmas music and am slightly offended at your Grinch-y-ness about Christmas music, but I have to commend your taste in your two favorite Christmas songs. Those are excellent ones. You can NEVER. go wrong with All I Want…

  4. MC is my girl. Literally I went to her concert for my 21st Birthday. I think she was shit faced. But anyway, All I want For Christmas is the best Christmas song ever created in the world. The end.

  5. No judgment– your choices are my all-time faves, as well. Love me some MC and JT. I'm glad that you at least listen to these two winners!

  6. those are two of my faves as well – I'll trade you your seven minute commute for my hour and a half one – you can get your 80s on 8 fix for sure then!

  7. Ok I've officially gotten over your Comcast rant since you clearly have good taste in music. Nsync's entire Christmas cd is more classic than Jingle Bells. You should consider adding J. Biebs' holiday cd. its pretty effin great too!

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