let’s talk google.

i love google.

i pretty much only use google.

and so i love seeing what people google to come here. these are just a few of my favorites:

“beer to feel better when sick”
of course i am going to tell you to drink when you are sick. it will make it suck a lot less.

“ideas for beer keg gingerbread house greek life”
yep. that sums up my life.

“your leather pants”
i don’t really get why someone would google this. no, YOUR leather pants.

“what to wear on a first date when it’s raining”
well, i suppose you should wear rain boots. and a rain coat. staying dry is MUCH more attractive then looking like a drowned rat.

lastly, my FAVORITE:

“too fucking cold to be christmas”
[sorry if you saw this on twit yesterday] this is hilarious. this too sums up my life. potty mouth and the grinch.

i’d appreciate if you could go to google right now and google something that is awesome in hopes you come back here. i check it everyday. soooo yeah.

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  1. Are google searches CRAZY?? The other week someone got to my blog by searching "pregnancy blog" Umm… We're SO not pregnant right now, so HOW the hell did they find me with that?? I just don't get it!! I get weirded out when I see that each and every day I am found by searching for "keeping up with kelly and co blog" (or something that specific) WHO is searching for ME?? :-S

  2. awww I wish I had cool google searches!!! lol i always get searches for tattoo stuff, and i've only posted about that once. My favorite is to go into google and type really slow and see how many automated searches show up below. they can get quite hilarious…

  3. that just made me snort with laughter. Who even googles "your leather pants." I mean, really…

  4. ha! i lvoe those goolge antalyics. sometimes SOO random! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  5. hahah these are SO funny and random! oh the things people google…lol

  6. bahaha this is great. "beer to feel better when sick" is awesome.

    p.s. our power just came back on! and then our fire drill went off. awesome.

  7. that is so funny…and so random! how to you check on blogger what searches bring someone to your website? I am curious to see what mine are 🙂

  8. my google searches are not anything near this cool.

    too fucking cold to be christmas is so good. i also love the beer to feel better when sick. who doesn't know that?

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