look at me now. look at me now. oh, i’m getting paper.

or really awesome awards. either way.
because i am a retard and went to ‘bed’ at 6:30 tonight, i am up and about cleaning. so why wouldn’t i pop open the ol’ blog and update you kiddos. 
the portland post is coming later. it will take a lot of effort to combine all these amazing photos i sister took. so hold tight. but i will say that it was so fun. it was nice to get out of the regular scene of dc and try something new. 
but back to looking at me. 
kristen over at confessions of a graphic design student made my freaking day last friday with this amazing award. not only that she thinks that i have a lovely blog, but that the award is so cute looking! must be those graphic design skillz. 
so in addition to me passing it on, go over to her blog and check out how great she is. remember when i said i wanted to go back to school and try graphic design? it must have been after a couple hour perusing her blog. thankfully, i realized i can’t afford it….yet. mwhaha
so i passed it on:
1. annahita @ forever88
2. megan @ across the pond 
3. kelly @ pine to the pacific 
4. jenni @ story of my life
7. jillian @ cornflake dreams
it was hard to just pick 7 {that i didn’t already give a blogger award to!} so make sure you check these ladies out…
{btw…does anyone follow any gents? i was thinking about this this weekend. i would love to read a blog written by a boy going though this growing up shit. i mean i would want him to be funny though. i don’t really care to read about cars, gadgets, etc. suggestions? laura: i already follow flip and YES he is great!!}
so now my 7 random facts you REALLY don’t want to know:
1. i hate crying in movies. but if i want a good cry, the notebook does it EVERYTIME.
2. i sleep with a white noise sound machine. i would recommend you try it. it changed my life. 
3. i usually choose a disney movie over a movie any person my age SHOULD want to watch. mainly because i get nightmares…stop chuckling. it’s serious.
4. i have recently become obsessed with sneakers. 2 new pairs in a week. what should i do? read: what pair should i get next?! 
5. my sister doesn’t let me listen to rap music in the car because she gets embarrassed of how great of a rapper/dancer i am.  how terrible of a rapper/dancer i am.
6. my beiber fever has died down…should i revive it? i need some new hits…baby, baby, baby got a little old.  
7. i apparently am not as interesting as i thought because coming up with 7 things to write about myself that wasn’t boring was really hard. and obviously impossible because i am cheating by not writing a 7th one. booyah.
anyway, now i shall finish harry potter {only on book 4} so i can get done with this series before dvd’s no longer exist. or, my dvr deletes the movies i have already recorded….

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  1. Hi Whitney!

    Thanks for the Lovely Blog award. I've done this before, but I just wanted to pop by and say hello and thanks for reading my blog :). Off to follow you on Twitter so I can keep up with your goings-on.

    Hope you have a lovely week!


  2. Oh the Notebook…why do I cry every time even though I know exactly what is going to happen? Too good. I just recently watched Never Say Never, definite Beiber-fever rejuvenation!

  3. Oh congrats on your award 🙂

  4. thank you whit!! and i am falling in love with the other blogs you posted – thanks for the tips!! xo

  5. look at you, fancy. hoooray. after reading that list, it's even clearer that we were destined to be friends.

    in other news, I don't like it when you do real work and aren't on gchat!

  6. thanks for the award doll face!!!

    if it makes u feel any better..my 21 year old brother only watched disney channel….

    and i always choose a disney movie to watch before i go to bed.

    and that white noise thing?? have to test that out.

  7. watches*** he watches it currently…

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