oh hello.

are you new here?

i’m super glad you made your way here. i hope it was on purpose. if not. then i am sorry.

but since i have gotten some new friends/followers recently i thought i would do a little recap on who i am. and what i am about. or lack thereof.

those are a few of my many faces. i try to smile in pictures but sometimes it is more fun to make myself laugh. 
i don’t take myself seriously. you shouldn’t either. life is WAY more fun that way. 
you probably are wondering…what does this crazy girl do for a living? how can she look like a total sketch ball? it must not be professional.

well. you’re wrong. [in my opinion]
cheeriosandbeer recap. all my favorites. 


so yeah. i hope you enjoyed the little bits and pieces.

ohhh and if you want to actually see me: go to the embarrassing area in the blog.

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  1. i read your "what i do" post, and holy balls on your time sheet?! hopefully you ended up getting that much deserved bonus!

  2. i feel like these post are the perfect representation of you. job well done madame!!


  3. Going to check out all these links now 😉 xo! eliza

    p.s. homemade giveaway up on the blog today!!

  4. glad you decided to do this little recap today because i am new to your blog. you are just adorable girl!
    xo TJ

  5. ok, so you know i went to "the embarassing portion of your blog". of course…duh.


    thanks for making me laugh today. dang…everyone's been good at this. what is it, like, funny thursday or something??!

  6. You are so adorable and fun {at least I assume you are since your blog is fun to read :)}. First timer and I'm excited to see more! -Melissa

  7. i just came here from new on u….love it haha. i love that you dont take yourself seriously…i do, but im working on it because its stressful and seriously no fun! cant wait to read more!

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