oh shoot.

i have been so funny today. i don’t know what it is. i think it is all the water i have been drinking {i think there is something in it–who’s drugging me??}seriously. i have drank {drunk?} three nalgenes already. it is only 2:33 PM. that is 120 ounces. you think i will drown? i heard somewhere you can actually drink so much water you can drown yourself from the inside out…hold tight. i am going to snopes it.

couldn’t find it. so for now, i will believe it. and if i drown, i can say ‘i told you’ so right now.

i love that i can have a conversation with myself you guys on here. no one even has to be around.

i can talk about all kinds of things.

we can talk about how i just banging the shittake out of my elbox on my desk and i am cursing the heavens.
we can talk about how cold it is and the cherry blossoms are blowing away.
we can talk about how my nail polish stickers are still going strong. day 5.
we can talk about how GREAT cheetos are as an afternoon snack. {yes, sister day 2–no judging}
we can talk about how i am really excited to get out and see the town tonight. no tube watching for me.
we can talk about how random all of this is that is going on right now as you read.

i hope you can sense the ABSURD amount of energy i have. it is freaking me out. good thing i have to go relax at yoga shortly…

but i just wanted you guys to see how totally random i can be.

moving on.

awkward awesome thursday!!


  • insinuating to my boss i think he has girly tendencies. and him getting offended. whoops. i am sorry but no, not every guy competed in ballroom dancing when he was 25. 
  • eating my lunch in front of the computer everyday. i swear i have friends.
  • how many times i have gone to the bathroom today. water will do that to you! tmi?
  • this just in: trying to ‘show off’ my yoga skills {in my khakis} and guess what? just ripped them. striaght up the butt. so more embarrassing than awkward. but stupid none the less. i guess that is why they make YOGA PANTS. use them kiddos. 
  • planning my april fool’s day surprise for my co-workers tomorrow. it may or may not involve me not showing up to work. 
  • all of my ‘presents’ coming in the mail yesterday. two pairs of work pants, jeans {i’ll probably return them}, belt {so cute! but on the last hole–so i might just order another one}, bed risers {you know those plastic things you put under your bed to raise them up??}, and sorrelli earrings {also going to return–they apparently are clip on. guess i can’t read} even if i have to return some of them i love getting real mail!!
  •  leaving 30 minutes early to go yogi and then party it up for a birthday party! whoop whoop.
now, that i am embarrassed, i am peacing out. good thing i have a jacket to tie around my waist. wish i had some concealer to cover this BLUSHING face. 
tomorrow is a new day. good thing. cause i need some new khakis. 

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  1. Don't you remember the videos we had to watch at ADPi about hazing…one kid drowned from having to drink gallons of water!! So, yes, it's true. Maybe you don't drown yourself, but you can overload your organs and shut them down. There is your medical knowledge for the day.

  2. Hehehehe I'm laughing at your khakis ripping down the butt! That totally happened to me once but I was wearing my older sister's leather pants to a club, we show up and we are first on the dance floor, I go down for a booty drop and RRRRIP!!!! I had to hide in the bathroom til my friends could find me another outfit! AHHHH!

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