productive weekend.

i FINALLY finished the chair.

i set a goal for my living room to be presentable by the weekend after next. and since i am going home next weekend [whoop whoop], i had to get some shit done this weekend.

so i locked myself in my apartment. stopped by bed, bath, and beyond. gawked at their prices. walked out with just a shoe organizer and went to work.

so ladies and [gents?], here is my living room.

april fools.
i gave up.
and i have grown to love this fabric. not the color. or the pattern. but the fact that it is securely fastened to the chair is what i love about it.
i can sit on it. and not get poked by pins. and i don’t have to do anything to it. 
one day i shall finish that fucking chair. or both. but until then. i will happily sit my ass on this floral pos. 
the only thing i love about this living room is that the carpets are now cleaned, i could finally put my NEW chevron rug down, and i can seat more than 2. so deal with it you interior designers who are crying just looking at this. 
i am too.

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  1. you should see my place. well, i don't have a quasi-ugly chair but i do have shit everywhere and nothing is organized because i'm just too damn lazy.

  2. that couch looks extremely nappable

  3. I dig the chair. honest. your whole living room has that whole mismatched/homey look that i love

  4. Yep, I'm in the same boat as christin above (same name, same game?), and we OWN our house. We have not put money into anything really decent, unless you count D's huge ass TV. It's pathetic. But I have a chevron rug on my to-buy list! Love it.

  5. hahahaha looks cozy!

  6. bahaha – you got me, I was so excited to see the finished product. oh well, the apartment is still adorable, grandma chair and all 😉

  7. woohoo, new living room! it looks great – where is that rug from?!

  8. April Fools. Holy of holies you make me laugh so hard, it's embarassing.

    I lived in a renter once, and they had a bright pink, like frightening pink lazy boy, and to this day I miss it.

    I might cry.

  9. That rug makes me so very happy. xo! eliza

  10. i was wondering about the rug. you know i'm a sucker for chevron rugs!! why don't you just paint the fabric??? i feel like that could either totally work or totally flop. but you never know till you try, right??


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