rant two.

as mentioned yesterday…people lack customer service.

i love that you all were on my side. and told me to be a bigger bitch. it irks me SO much to deal with assholes. 
they chose to go to work that morning. so put a fucking smile on and do your job happily. 
rant over.
thank goodness today is wednesday. 
i have to take a test tomorrow. which is slightly scary. considering it has been almost 4 years since my last exam. i don’t even know how to take a test. i hope i don’t get anxiety. 
but i am going to follow suit to my college days and go out and celebrate after it is over. only seems appropriate. 
there is this place. it is a place called ‘heaven.’ aka this bar down the street. 
and it has ‘mug night’
and you can refill your mug [that you take home and wash after every thursday] as many times as your heart desires [or time permitting] for two dollars. yes, two dollars. that is a steal. since it is blue moon. why would i not be there every thursday? precisely. i am starting the trend tomorrow. after my failed exam. 
i mean i don’t really care about grades anymore…so i’m not really planning on studying. i will let you know how that goes. 
any ideas on how to cheat?? i’ve never needed to before but i’m thinking…no time like the present. 

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  1. i'd need to know what kind of test it is to helo you cheat.

  2. you're in DC right? Where is this bar? (I'm asking for purely scientific purposes of course.)

  3. So I bring my mug to work on thursdays, or have a back up in my desk because I work a block away!! Love my "mug nights" haha.

  4. I need a "Heaven" here, stat!! $2.00… Yes please!

  5. I'm a new follower, and you were exactly the kind of hilarity I needed today. Thank you!

  6. We have a classy place just like that in my home town…the Neon Cactus. Awesome, right?!

  7. All you had to say is Blue Moon and I'm there!!!

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