Replace Your Mundane Breakfast with Sweet Potato Toast

I was scrolling through the facebook on Friday searching for any reason to not work and I found something. I found something BIG I thought. Epicurious told me to replace TOAST with sweet potato? You’ve got to be kidding me. THE main vehicle used for avocado, peanut butter, butter, jelly, bananas — this can be replaced with a potato?? So I tried it. I made my boyfriend walk to the store while I was working to find the biggest, baddest looking sweet potatoes. I’m sure they were organic. Pretty sure. Organic means bigger, right?

Anyway. I get home ready to test. I felt like I was in the Martha Stewart test kitchen. #dreamjob

The article said to put the sweet potato slices in the toaster and push them down 4-5 times. Problem #1: I don’t have a toaster. Never have. Solution: Use the oven set to “Oven in the summer is a terrible idea – 450.”

But first I had to slice them evenly and to precisely 1/4″. Let’s say I have a mandoline that I’m not afraid of. Ok. Let’s say I use it and all the slices break because said biggest and baddest sweet potatoes are too big. Problem #2: I don’t have a INSANE sized mandoline. Solution: CAREFULLY slice the potato by scoring around each potato at 1/4″ to 1/8″ to what ever size I want. Then follow the score to slice.

I put the slices right on the grates in the oven. It’s dirty and I figured it was oiled enough it wouldn’t stick. I was right. (Boyfriend: clean the oven!)

Turn the slices over EVERY 5 minutes. for 20 minutes. Then sit by the oven and wait until you smell burnt sweet potato and take them out. Mine hit that around 22.5 minutes. Problem #3: My taters got a little burnt. Solution: I like burnt. So not a problem for me.

Then top them with whatever you want! I needed dinner to I went more savory with this. Some meats and cheeses I had left over from my weekend soirée with my grandparents.

I even got creative and tried to make taco shells. It worked and now I’ll accept my claim to fame. See you guys on the other side!

Sweet Potato Taco Shells


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