shame on me.

i’m airing my dirty laundry RIGHT here. RIGHT now. this isn’t something that i am proud of but i am hoping i can control it now that you guys can hold me accountable…

i. waste. TONS. of. food.

well, not just me…my roommate too.

so last night in an effort to eat less snack food {not related to lent starting today}, i wanted to toss out all the old food from the pantry and refrigerator. well the results were ASTOUNDING. see for yourself:

the damage:


wtf right?? {yes, that is a large tub of amimal crackers!!}

well i am here to change it. roommate and i decided to only buy for TWO days. this is out problem: we get so excited about making all of these great recipes from cookbooks or online that we find that we buy everything that night for the whole week. well as you know, nothing goes as planned. i work late. she works late. we would rather eat thai food. blah blah blah. so i think if we only buy for that night and maybe the next night {and lunch} then we will be golden {or at least better…fingers crossed}. that is a LOT of money just tossed out. makes me mad. but only at myself…

on a lighter note, it is day 9 on Cait’s 30 day challenge…a picture of someone that has gotten you though the most.

well this is easy too…my roommate {slash} sister. we’ve lived together for 3 years now and have gotten through a lot up here. first, being friendless. together we have managed to find great friends and have fun doing it. so here she is…

sidenote, glee is getting weird. don’t get me wrong, i LOVE gwenyth on there. BUT the sex, drugs, alcohol themes are extreme and ridiculous. i just want a normal {saved by the bell} high school show with great singing. too much to ask for?! i think not. come on ryan murph. get it together baby!

i am beat. stayed up organizing and working from home. wish i was back in my bed. {granted i also wish my bed looked like this…thanks country living for making me feel inadequate in the bedroom…ha. i’m hilarious}

{loving that i found out how to add lines on here–working on organization…}

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  1. I used to throw out a lot of food too, but for some reason, I now love going to the grocery store. I'm really close to one too, so that helps, since I walk everywhere. But I'm usually there 2-3 times a week picking stuff up. I get what I need and that's it!

  2. Yes, I waste a TON of food too! I call what I buy at the grocery store "Good intentions food"…I INTEND on eating it, but it just goes bad or sits untouched. I have started to shop for only one week at a time, and it's helping!

    I don't watch Glee…but I hope it gets better for you! I am tired of shows being TOO dramatic…and have none of the innocence that a GREAT show like Saved by the Bell had!

    Have a wonderful day girl!

    <3 Megan

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