somethings you might want to know.

my blogger friend-turned-real-life gave me this inspiration of a post today since i am completely unoriginal.

thanks erica.

i am afraid of the dark.

umm…especially if i was wondering around in the forest at night. but mostly. i need light.

i hate loathe mayo. hate ketchup. LOVE bbq sauce. LOVE ranch. backwards? probably.

Source: via Rickard on Pinterest

i mean that makes me want to barf. seriously. nasty.

i was at one point in my life a rowing champion. aka i am a badass. i won a couple medals.

and yes, the best workout eva.

i am afraid of people getting too close.

Source: via Ann on Pinterest

wait, you knew that? stop it.

i wear make up MAYBE one day a week.

i’m just THAT pretty. i don’t need it. [joking…i’m JUST that lazy]

hope you enjoy these random posting. i hope you learned a little bit about me. which i am sure you didn’t. but here’s to hoping.

this sums me up.

minus the lack of punctuation. that bothers me.

good day.

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  1. I dunk my Chickfila fries in mayo AND ketchup. How grossed out does that make you

  2. My mom made me think Mayo was the only condiment in the world as a child. I dipped fries, steak, tomatoes, everything in it.

    I'm sorry. I love it. But I get why people are grossed out by it.

    I also wishhhhh I had a perfect complexion and if that were true, I would never wear make up either. Except Mascara. I'd wear that forever.

    The Paleo Project

  3. I love mayo. I know, it's gross.

  4. i have many thoughts about this whole thing:
    1.) i too am afraid of the dark–it's such an unreasonable fear, but i guess that's what makes it a fear? too existential? moving on.
    2.) i LOVEEEEE mayo!! my dad's like you thought–he legit gags at the white creaminess of it all. as a kid, i remember trying to open a jar of it and asked him to help me. he almost puked from it but he still opened it. good dad-ing, dad.
    3.) rowing?? okay, that's cray cray!! the most athletic thing i did in school was run my mouth and run for theatre club president (i won, obvi).
    4.) I knew this…or did i??
    5.) like i said "it's what's on the inside that counts, but what's on the outside that MATTERS."


  5. Luckily, I don't think you'll be frolicking through the forest much but, who knows? I definitely don't love mayo or really even like it, but I'll eat it…

    I had NO idea you used to be a rowing champion! Pretty snazzy. Oh, and make fun of me all you want because I'm about to sound ridiculous but I'm a little bit envious of how you don't have to wear make-up and still look super pretty. Not everyone can do that you know… ha.

  6. Rowing! WOW, that is awesome!
    I could never do it because I have a ridiculous fear of drowning! So me being out on open water gives me instant panic attacks.
    Mayo I totally get but ketchup? That is just wrong. LOL
    What do you dunk your fries in?
    My sister uses ranch. That makes me want to barf. :O

    Loved this random post today!

  7. Ewww mayo is the worst. Gross.

  8. glad i provided you with some inspiration today 🙂

    and what is this about hating ketchup!!?!?! i may have to rethink this whole friendship thing…

  9. Mayo is probably one of the nastiest things on this planet! I can't stand it.

    My boyfriend is a rowing coach! He started rowing in high school…and he LOVES it. I've always wanted to try it.

    Kudos to you girlfriend for not wearing makeup and STILL lookin' good.

  10. Found you via CHelseas blog & want a good post to come across.. I LOVE MAYO. Particulary with chips aka fries. Yups Im from England!

    Now following 🙂

    M x

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