spent luck.

i used to consider myself lucky. not sure why but i was.

i never won the lottery. but i had good luck.

stop asking questions.

so this saturday when i was giving the tours of all tours to my lady friends. a bird SHIT on my head.

in the middle of the national mall.

there weren’t any trees around. just birds flying. and they chose me.

i heard it was lucky.

so in my mind i am thinking that my luck will exponentially increase. right?

[can you tell i am studying for the GMAT?]


because not only did the bird shit on my head. but he ruined my personal record of great hair days. you see, i got my hair did tuesday. and continued to keep it looking awesome for those FIVE days. stop cringing, it looked awesome. and not dirty. and i showered. i just didn’t wash my hair. my point is, i could have gone another day. now i am back to two days.

reverse luck doesn’t stop there.

yesterday, while searching the internet for something to buy [to cheer myself up], i found a nice little desk. emphasis on little. so i sent a little email. got a response and BAM. it was mine. so i begged my sister to go with me. so i wouldn’t get killed. she agreed. i bought her dinner and we were on our way.

email went like this:
me: i have a meeting. i’ll come at 930. is that too late?
him: no sounds great. see you then!
me: actually no meeting. what is the earliest i can be there?
him: come whenever! i’ll be here.

so we get there at 7. i call. he said:

him: ‘oh, i thought you weren’t coming till 930.’
me: ‘no, remember when i wrote you back saying i am coming earlier and you said come whenever?’
him: ‘oh shit. well i am an hour away’

sister and i LUCKILY [only luck in this story] found an anthropologie and shopped for the hour.

go back to get the desk. and it doesn’t fit. because it is HUGE.

granted i should have asked dimensions but it looks so small in the picture. they had to have been standing on a table on the other side of the room to take the picture.

so we went home desk-less but with a couple cute shirts.

other CL experience here.

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  1. i had something funny to say but i forgot.

    you should watch the tutorials on the kahn academy for the gmat.

    i fucking hate craigslist.

  2. ok, the bird shitting on your head … so lucky. a bird shit on my arm during our engagement pictures. the pictures turned out amazing. see?

  3. last time I went to the beach, a bird pooped (shhh language) RIGHT IN MY FRIEND'S DRINK while we were pubbing. like, directly in. it didn't even smear the glass.

    is that lucky?

    (we all chipped in to buy him a new drink)

  4. Well, I hope your luck turns around and you fidn that itty bitty desk! That bird choose you out of all those people for a reason ya know.


  5. I heard it's good luck when a bird poops on your head!

  6. Well at least you didnt get raped!! Thats the good luck, yeah?

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