Spicy Brussel Sprouts + Pork Tenderloin

This weekend was a blast. After a hellish week at work, we hung out Friday night and rested for a full day Saturday. We woke up and headed to Northern Maryland to kayak with the BF’s sister. Now, I tried to be the voice of reason and convince them today was not the day to get struck by lightning, but they weren’t having it. So instead, I was shoved into the backseat and told to stop being “negative nancy”. Fine. Well we drive the 2 hours to the place, get suited up, zip up the life vest, and get our kayaks. Not more than 5 minutes later, the sky fell out. Not like sprinkling, but full on downpour. You know that scene in the Notebook when they’re canoeing? And it looks so romantic and all you’ve ever wanted in life was Ryan Gosling to recreate that moment for you?? Well — it’s not that romantic. It’s wet. Even when you’re wearing a bathing suit and telling your boyfriend to be Ryan Gosling. It isn’t worth it. So listen to the weather man — if it says 90% change of SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS he’s probably not lying.

Luckily the place we were kayaking had a bar. So we sat up on picnic tables (under umbrellas) and drank orange crushes. If you’re not from this area you might not know what an orange crush is. Well, it’s like heaven in a cup. I got a Creamsicle one — Vanilla Rum, Triple Sec, and OJ. If you’re lucky, I’ll make some for you and post it here. It’s healthy right? Calcium fortified OJ.

Anyway, food. Spicy brussel sprouts. I like to think this is my specialty. I’ve converted several people to brussel sprout fans from this dish. It’s so simple and so delicious. Paired with a pork tenderloin (Recipe here) is a perfect quick weeknight dinner with no prep needed before hand. That’s what I’m about. Simple, delicious, healthy dinners.

Spicy Brussel Sprouts // Pork Tenderloin


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