stop stealing.

so you know what the latest sensation is??

no? you aren’t on the forefront of technology.

me either. i was convinced to download this app from chelsea.

anyway. i am fucking addicted.

draw something.

you go to hell and you take my phone battery with it. because you do that anyway.

but i will say. i am a drawing badass.

but don’t ask kelly, chelsea, or kristen.

they might disagree.

what do you think?

guess what you think they are.

picture a
picture b
picture c
a. vacuum b. bus c. ufo

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  1. I.cant.stop.playing

    your drawings are all pretty impressive.

    I am sending you a game request now.

  2. I'm gonna say a mad black woman vacuuming, sped kids, and a person about to get anal probed! If I'm right, I say u quite ur day job and just become an artists! Lol.

  3. you are way better than me at this game. i suck so much that i stopped playing. i couldn't draw an elephant.

  4. Like woah! You are way better than me!

  5. you are quite the artist.

    i'm surprised you got my "seaweed" picture last night. i can't draw for shiz-nit.

  6. James and I are also completely addicted. We lay in bed together, not speaking, just playing against each other over and over. The other day, I drew a raccoon in the trash, and James goes "JENNA LOOK HOW SHITTY THIS PERSONS DRAWING IS" and I said, that's mine. And he thought it was the other person he was playing. ahahahah

  7. Hah!! Love your drawings and playing with you 😀 Isn't it the greatest?? I don't even care that I have to keep my iPhone plugged in all day long…

  8. um. i guessed:
    a.) maid. or mom.
    b.) "special"
    c.) golden shower.

    i mean, what does that say about my subconscious?????


  9. hahaha your drawings are pretty amazing I have to say so!

  10. wow. i see a major budding talent 🙂 the short bus is definitely my favorite. i've never heard of this app, which is probably for the best…

  11. lol this is hilarious!!!! I LOVE Draw Something…it is so funny to see people awkward drawings!

    p.s. I am hosting a giveaway on my little blog! I would love for you to check it out!

  12. Hahahah your blog is flippin hilarious! Love. Following from now on!

  13. Yes!!! I can't stop either! can't stop, won't stop!

  14. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i freaking love draw something. i get so impatient when people don't play faster. so awesome.

  15. I am confused…..?!?!?!?!?!

  16. haha.. that first picture. I AM DYING.

  17. I downloaded Draw Something last night and if people would play me back faster/it would let me look up my FB friends, I'd be totally addicted too. However, the app hates me and doesn't want me to have friends so I guessed my step-sister's name and she's sleeping her spring break away so she's really slow to play back…

    I love your drawing though. They're pretty great.

    -Frances @ Keynotes

  18. Hmm I'm definitely contemplating on sending you a game request. I SUCK at this game but it's SO hilarious to see the drawings that I come up with…shall we play?

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