we in traffic.

weird shit always happens to me.

and i don’t know if i ask for it. or if i just deserve it.
but i figured i would bring it to you. 
this is just a taste. there are WAY more. 
i just realized she wrote the last one at 3AM. wtf.
needless to say. i still have the couches. and i will not post anything on craigslist again. for free anyway. 

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  1. what a crazy piece of whacko. this reminds me that i generally dislike people.

  2. i love that 1 out of 2 of your tags was "embarassing".

    i also loved that your "ghetto voice" was 5 octaves (a slight exaggeration) higher than your normal one.


  3. Nope, I don't see you there in DC where I don't live.

    Weird how that works.

    I might actually know of someone who needs couches. I'll let you know.

  4. So hilarious! On days that I don't work, I tend to get caught up on blog reading while watching DVR'd episodes of The Ellen Show. Just thought you should know I get really happy and pause Ellen every time I see you have posted a Vlog. xo! eliza

  5. i would have been livid.

    Let us know if you need help getting the couches out of your apt. i'll have tyler help 🙂

  6. i swear to god, i want to record myself laughing when i watch your vlogs, just so you know i'm not lying when i tell you that i LOL'd the wholeeeeee time. nice touch with beer btw.

  7. Listen. Twiggy told me how hilarious you were today. She failed to mention on which relm of hilariousness you fell under.

    I am dying. DYING in all caps dying. The fact that you keep a straight face and can pull off that voice. Wherever the hell it is that you live with your beers and cheerios I'M MOVING THERE. and I'm gonna make you hang out with me.

    You just won the best blog ever award.

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