well deserved chuckle

so i hope you have all missed me. i have been MIA from EVERYTHING. so for you, i am sorry. for me, i am back. i am back to myself. re-gained my good attitude and ready for action. however, somethings have helped get me here today and i wanted to recap for a little laugh on a tuesday…

my morning (all before 7am):
woke up 20 minutes before my alarm, which is 4:40 am. surprisingly rested. (must be my new sleep app on my iPhone. best/most entertaining 99 cents – called sleep cycle if interested) get in the shower. take some time to get ready since i don’t plan on getting to work EARLY. my time is my time. so head outside quarter till….should have remembered the freezing rain. you know what is worse than having ice COVERING your car 1/2″ thick? having ice covering your car 1/2″ thick without an ice scraper. noted: get an ice scraper. borrow from another insane neighbor going to work early. hurdle jumped.

arrive safely to work. go to the coffee maker to get my kuerig hazelnut blend–all out. go to the back to get some more. realize coffee maker is broken. go to the back and make my coffee. realize the water jug is out (for the much needed water in my piping hot coffee). anyway…all of this happening and i am still smiling. but the real reason is….

American Idol

if you have been with me for the last three years on here, you KNOW i love me some american idol. so i plugged it in my calender and i am just waiting for tomorrow at 8 pm to come my way. i am pretty excited for j.lo too. i think it is going to be a good season….anyone else agree??

so until then, i must keep going…

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