Whit who?

I’m a Florida transplant living up in Washington D.C. and have been since 2008. With a short stint (seemed long) in Manhattan for 2 years. I went to school for construction management at the University of Florida and now I do just that. No, not hammering nails, but managing. Common misconception.

I started a blog back in 2008 when I wanted to capture the stories I came home with everyday after work while riding the public bus. Then it morphed into a lifestyle blog where I would shoot videos of me shotgunning beers, trying to craft, and learning to cook. THEN it morphed into silence. I took a break for a while and focused on my career, friends, living in the present. But, now I’m back. I’ve worked on my cooking skills, caught a great guy, and moved back to DC.

This blog is a creative space for me. I will be random, and it will be scatter-brained. But, aren’t the best ones just that? (humor me)

I pretend I can DIY, but I have several half-finished projects. I started focusing on a healthy lifestyle in June 2012 and could never look back. I still indulge in a treat / dessert / beer [or a couple] every now and then; however, I have seen the benefits, and I don’t think I could ever go back. So this here blog is to capture all of that. I also make a fool out of myself and post random videos. That’ll keep you on your toes. I promise.

I will say, I’m working on my food photography skills. So let’s keep the comments to the food and not the pictures…those will come. Be patient grasshopper.