would you?

last weekend we played a drinking game.

thanks megan for the picture 🙂

this game involved drinking when words were spoken. spoken from the greatest master’s thesis i’ve ever heard.


it got me to thinking.

there are so many drinking games out there that i have never played or heard of.

ones that are out there just begging for me to show them some attention.

THEN i starting thinking.

this is big.

WHAT IF i created a drinking game for all of us to play? and capture it?

this is cheeriosandBEER after all.

what if i came up with the rules, planned it, and invited you [my friends] to play virtually with me.

would you? [real question that requires an answer. i don’t want to show up to my party to drink by myself]

it’s be like the best blogger party ever.

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  1. Uhm best idea ever? Definately. Do it. Why arent we drinking yet?!

  2. yes!

    Also, is drinking in a room alone staring at a computer screen filled with people still drinking alone? Cause then I drink alone a lot…

  3. Hahaha that's genius!!

  4. girl. i live in DC. let's meet up and ACTUALLY play it?

  5. you know i'm always down for some drinking. let's start now, or do we have to wait until july? boooo

  6. can we do it as a skype thing?!?! omg, what am i saying? i'll obviously come over to your apartment and do it with you real-time.


  7. sounds amazing.

  8. I'm there. Buying ticket now. Just kidding, I'm there virtually though.

  9. You party with a thesis paper, we partied with Carly Rae Jepsen (yea, we turned Call Me Maybe into a drinking game, so what)

  10. Haha! Love this. I'm game.

  11. i just cracked a beer.
    let's do this.
    xo the egg out west.

  12. dude – i'd be there.

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