you will let me rant.

and you will like it. [unless you don’t like cursing. then you should skip just this one post]

first let’s clear the air.


i made this. you can copy it as much as you like and you DON’T have to link back to me. i don’t care. 
so i fought getting comcast to start with. but my apartment only allows comcast to provide service there. #bullshit
did you know if you want wireless internet you specifically have to ask for it when you request service? EVEN THOUGH you order a router? yeah. 
so after three months of being lazy, i finally order the wireless part that is needed. i walk my ass up to the local comcast store and request the FREE part to get sent to my house. 
fast forward 7 days. 
last night i get home from my great blate with melissa and i am high on life. i mean. she is awesome. so i was thinking, yes. let’s do this comcast. 

happy as a clam. thinking i could finally sit in my bed and surf the internet.

well i hook it up per their shitty directions and it doesn’t work. i am pretty smart. i can usually figure a lot of things out on my own. so once i FINALLY get frustrated, i call the help hotline. which is the same number as the suicide hotline. which i think is so weird. at any rate. i will spare the details and expletives that exchanged.

but those dumbasses at comcast, sent me a piece of equipment without putting it on my account that wasn’t what was supposed to get sent to me. therefore, no internet was getting sent to my house. i spent 60 minutes chatting with 4 different people only for the last one to transfer me to the sales department so they could add the equipment to my account. and you know what? THE SALES DEPARTMENT IS FUCKING CLOSED AT 9PM.

i am pretty sure they knew that.

so after all that bullshit i still don’t have wireless. and now, i don’t have internet in general.

fuck that.

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[just in case someone googles ‘comcast’ i want them to read this.]

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  1. A-freaking-men. I've never encountered a worse company.

    My old roommate moved out in August. 7 calls (and a visit to the Michigan Ave location – and no, in case you were wondering, it's not conveniently located AT ALL) I still have not been able to get her off the bill.

    I'm sorry for your Comcast troubles – just know that the rest of Washington DC feels your pain.

  2. Ironically, I've written this same post in my head about Uverse! This may end our shortlived blog friendship…but I kinda love comcast 🙂

  3. i mean, LOL doesn't even BEGINNNNN to cover it!! this is probably the best thing I've read in the history of the internet. and not just cus i got an awesome shot out. but yeah, this is basically what happened to me when we moved into our new place. oh, and the kicker in my story was that in order to get my wireless (that i was paying for but not getting service for) i had to sign up for a $5 a month help service. like, gimmie a goddamn break cock-cast! That should be there name, really. anyhoo, this is great, you're great, i'm great, comcast is NOT great. the end.


  4. oh horrible.

    that sucks.

    there are no more words.

  5. Half of me was laughing at this post because your way of telling it is hilarious and the other part of me was extremely frustrated with Comcast and it didn't even happen to me. WHY does calling for help always make things worse??

    The best part was: "just in case someone googles 'comcast' i want them to read this." 🙂 Hoping you get wireless soon!

  6. LMAO! They really do suck… it was the biggest bitch to cancel their service. You have to walk your ass to their company to return their cable box. Pain in the ass much? We've been with DirecTV ever since. Although, I'm thinking about cancelling cable all together. I literally watch everything online anyway. Internet streaming is the future!!

  7. hahahhaha, my favorite part:

    comcast comcast comcast….

    {just in case someone googles comcast, I want them to read this}

    Best use of Search Engine Optimization if I've ever seen it.

  8. Tell. Me. About. It. I can only have comcast in my building, too. And of course, internet connection speed is in sucktown more than getting me my pins loaded on pinterest. Eff comcast.

  9. what about this comment!? I think my issue is that I have 40 different profiles. I have google. and openID and sometimes I choose name/URL…..

  10. i feel ya sista. don't even get my started on this disaster of a service. our apartment only allows comcast too and we've had soooooooooo many problems with them.

  11. Hahaha! I don't mean to laugh at your expense, but the end of this post is classic. I hope someone Googles Comcast just to see it. I might do it actually… 🙂

    But, really, Comcast definitely blows. Sorry you had to experience this…especially after a fun blate!!

  12. I absolutely HATE Comcast. After I stood in line to return my equipment and cancel my service in December, I was somehow getting charged monthly until July when I caught it. Come to find out, they "accidentally" put my account to basic cable instead of canceling. Idiots. Needless to say, I feel your pain. Ps- I REALLY hope this pops up when people google it 🙂

  13. I'm sorry but there is a male gymnast / olympics ad showing up right next to this post and it just makes it THAT much funnier

  14. Screw Comcast. I hate Comcast. Bitches are so damn annoying.

    Sorry for the cursing. Found it necessary.

  15. I loooooathe comcast. They have the worst service EVER

  16. I think it's perfectly normal to rant in this case! It would put me over the top if I had to put up with all you've had to.

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